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Honda's new Monkey 125 launches, extending the classic
Release date:2022.10.19

Honda, as the leader of the motorcycle industry, has a more comprehensive range of products and categories than other manufacturers. Officials recently released the Monkey 125, a new monkey with lots of fun.

The 2023 Monkey 125 continues the classic look of the series, which has been in production since 1961 and is now updated with LED lights, inverted front and rear discs, and IMU-based ABS.

The new car is powered by a Euro V compliant 124cc air-cooled engine that delivers a maximum of 9 horsepower at 6,750 RPM and a maximum torque of 11N·m@5500rpm; Equipped with a five-speed gearbox, the top speed is 91km/h; The fuel consumption is an economical 1.5L 100km.

The new model also features retro-inspired new livery. Available in shiny pearl black, banana yellow and Pearl Nebula red, each comes with a matching frame, front fork, rear rocker arm and rear spring damping, as well as classic tartan seat covers and a stylish fuel tank.


In addition to the standard version, officials also unveiled a co-branded Astro Boy, a special edition model with many related elements, On the side of the tank, there are iron arms of Astro Boy, head LOGO, Tokyo Atom decorative front side cover, chrome back side cover, Astro Boy steel back rocker arm, limited number sticker, special fuel tank cover, pull ring and so on.

Honda's Monkey series has been loved by generations of enthusiasts for its small body size, and the continuation of the Monkey 125 represents the diversity of the motorcycle market, as people look beyond the traditional models to select niche models that meet their needs and preferences.

As Honda continues to increase investment in the domestic market and the introduction of new cars, it also hopes to bring this kind of interesting models to the market