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Fuel consumption 1.93L, Guangyang new 125 pedal released, 8980 yuan
Release date:2022.10.19

Gwangyang yesterday officially unveiled its long-preheated new Jockey 125, an entry-level car with a "three-low engine" that starts at 8,980 yuan and comes in three colors: blue, white and black.

In the official publicity, the prominent feature of the new Jockey 125 is its low fuel consumption, low vibration and low noise engine. The new engine can provide fuel consumption of 1.93L for 100 kilometers, which is in the same level as many competing models. The combined 6L fuel tank is expected to provide a range of 300 kilometers.

The new engine is a two-valve single-cylinder air-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 124cc; Can provide the maximum power 6.9kW@7000rpm, the maximum torque is 10N·m@6000rpm; The braking part is a bit of a drag, for the front disc rear drum.


As a flat pedal, the loading side of the new car offers room for a 3/4 helmet, two small storage Spaces above the foot, and it doesn't appear to come with a USB charging port; The tail is aluminum alloy after the shelf. The Jockey 125 has decent loading capacity for an entry-level car.

The configuration of the new car has digital liquid crystal instrument, the whole car LED light group; The tire specification is 90/90-12 and 100/90-10; The weight of the assembly is 113kg, and the height is 750mm.

What do you think of the new Jockey 125? Will it be an option for your commuter car?