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229,800 Yamaha launches its new R1/R1M, a new choice of 200 horsepower sports car
Release date:2022.10.19

Yamaha did not introduce the entry-level R15 series in yesterday's racetrack press conference. Instead, it brought the updated R1/R1M sports car with the same starting price of 229,800 yuan as the old model. The more powerful R1M costs 299,800 yuan.

The appearance of the new R1 has not changed, it is still the same as before; In addition to the regular track blue and black version, the new car has a 60th anniversary white version, and the special version with gold shock absorption also makes the price 10,000 yuan more expensive.

Both the new R1 and R1M are powered by the same classic cross-crankshaft engine. The 998cc in-line four-cylinder water-cooled engine delivers 200ps (147.1kW) at 13500rpm, with a maximum torque of 113.3Nm@11500rpm.


There are BC brake control system, EBM engine brake management system, APSG line oil control gate, LCS start control system for auxiliary driving. The braking part of both models adopts the combination of front double 320mm double floating disc + Gemenon radial four-piston calipers, rear 220mm single disc + daily list piston calipers.

The main differences between the R1 and R1M are the extensive carbon fiber cover and suspension. The standard R1 is equipped with fully adjustable front and rear damping provided by KYB, while the R1M is equipped with the better Ohlins, fully adjustable front and rear damping, and ERS semi-automatic electronic suspension system.

The conventional control system of the new car also includes TCS traction control, SCS sliding control, LIF lift control, and QSS fast shift system.

The seat height is 855mm, the weight is 201KG, and the tire specification is front 120 and rear 190 (R1M: 860mm, 202KG, front 120 and rear 200). Both cars are equipped with 17L fuel tank.

Yamaha's recent introduction of domestic models is finally synchronized with the international model. The arrival of R1M is also considered to enhance the competitiveness of Yamaha in the top models. After improving the product line of the running car series, the next step is to introduce the adventure series of models ~

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