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Is there a market for the late 350S and 23,800 yuan new cruise?
Release date:2022.10.19

Ascension recently released a new model of 350 power platform --350S, this time is different from the past, the new 350S is not a Ascension general accessories pedal model, but a single rocker arm cruising new car.

The appearance design of the new 350S cruise is not as natural as its own pedal system. The whole vehicle is more like a fusion of elements of a variety of models. The round fuel tank, seat cushion and the steering light panel of the front face of the subframe, pure liquid crystal instrument, and the rear view mirror with sports attributes are not quite match.

Although the 350S is a cruise model, officials still use a multi-link single rocker arm design with strong sports attributes. However, it seems to highlight this single rocker arm, resulting in a slightly weird shape of the exhaust part. He's sitting up straight.


The new cruising car is powered by the familiar 348cc engine, which has a 12.3:1 compression ratio of 29kW / 9500rpm and a maximum torque of 32.8N·m / 7500rpm. For riding assistance, there are sliding clutch and ABS.

The braking system is composed of front 320mm single disc + west reciprocal radiating four piston calipers, and rear 265mm single disc + single piston calipers; The suspension system is 43mm inverted front fork and 50mm shock absorber at the bottom of the rear center.

Other configuration parts have the whole car LED light panel, TFT color LCD instrument, keyless control system, tire pressure monitoring; It's a bit of a shame it didn't come with TCS. The new car is available in frosted black and turquoise green.

With a starting price of 23,800 yuan for its new cruise model, what do you think of the belated 350S at a time when the cruise craze in the domestic market is over? Would you consider this new car as an option for entry level cruising?

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