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109,800, R7 domestic market! The new R3 is marked down by 3000
Release date:2022.10.12

Yamaha's new middleweight sports car -R7 domestic market, the new domestic price of 109,800 yuan; The price OF the new R3 is 3,000 yuan lower than before, with the new design starting at 43,800 yuan.

There are three versions of the R7 on the market in China. In addition to the classic race blue and black versions, the commemorative WGP white and red design, which was launched only this year, is also on sale in China. The price is 10,000 yuan more than the ordinary version, which is 119,800 yuan.

Yamaha's R7, which replaces the R6 as the new middleweight model, is powered by the MT-07's 689cc CP2 twin cylinder engine, with a maximum horsepower of 73.4PS/8750rpm and a maximum torque of 67N·m/6500rpm.


In terms of suspension and braking, the R7 is much upgraded from the MT-07: the front brakes are equipped with radiating four calipers with 289mm double discs, and the rear brakes are single piston calipers with 245mm discs. The 41 mm front fork is also upgraded to the KYB's fully adjustable inverted fork, which is paired with the same fully adjustable multi-link mid-mounted single-gun rear shock absorbers.

As for the electric control equipment, R7 and MT-07 have no other electric control system except ABS. The only new thing on YZF-R7 is the optional fast-forwarding function. The weight of the vehicle is 188kg, a slight increase of 4kg compared to the MT-07; The seat is 835mm high, 30mm higher than the 07.

The newly released R3 comes in Star black, Race blue, blazing orange and a more expensive MOTOGP version priced at 44,800 yuan. The configuration of the new car has not changed, with the MOTOGP commemorative and orange versions having a more prominent gold front fork.

Yamaha has surprised everyone this time, dropping the price of R3 from the initial price to a relatively reasonable 43,800 yuan; R7 THIS sudden attack in the middleweight sports car also provides a new choice for the car, what do you think of Yamaha this release of the new car?

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