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20000? Yamaha is launching a new sports car
Release date:2022.10.12

Yamaha hasn't stopped after unveiling its new R3 and middleweight R7, but officials have now revealed that a new car will be launched in China, describing the new car as a "speedster with the soul of a track"

While the official pitch for the Genesis is reminiscent of Yamaha's famously performance flagship and related engines, it's interesting to note that Yamaha's description of its new entry-level imitation race, the R15, mentions that the new car shares DNA with the YZF R1 supercar.

The R15 series also has some features that the R3 and R7 do not have. The most unique is the Deltabox aluminum frame, which is a racetrack model and has track technology. The frame, which is also used in some of Yamaha's flagship models, provides better cornering performance than the regular diamond frame.

Among the existing sports cars of Yamaha, except R6 dedicated for racetrack, only the entry-level R15 series has not entered the domestic market at present, and the other several models have been listed in the domestic market. The new car to be brought this time is expected to be R15.


The R15 series is an entry level imitation of the 155cc single-cylinder water-cooled engine with VVA variable valve technology, but it has a lot of features. In addition to the conventional sliding clutch, dual-channel ABS, inverted front fork, the new car also has traction control system and fast upshift.

Of course, the above is just a guess, after all, Yamaha has been playing a lot of fun in the new car launch, this time to introduce the new R1 series is not certain.

In addition, if we really want to introduce the R15 series, considering that the top R15M in India is priced at Rs 183,900 (about RMB 15,800), how much do you think the price of the new R15 will be in China after the full upgrade? PS: The old R15 is sold for 23,600 yuan in China.
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