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Performance street cars? Kawasaki unveils new electric model
Release date:2022.10.12

New energy, zero emission and carbon neutrality have gradually become a topic around the motorcycle industry recently. Traditional motorcycle manufacturers have also slowly begun to make moves in this field. After the hybrid HEV of oil and electricity, Kawasaki is also busy exhibiting the Prototype of pure electric EV.

The first impression of the new EV Prototype of Kawasaki is the Z-series streetcar with changed power. The design of the whole car basically follows the elements of its own Z-series, and the green headlights and tail subframe are basically the same as those of gas-powered streetcars.


However, the battery powered new car has less tension in the design of the oil tank. The design of EV Prototype is more introversion. The change of power supply and the reduction of exhaust pipes also make the original engine look more empty.

Although the power has been changed, the ergonomics of the new car is almost identical to that of the Z400. Interestingly, it comes with tires that are said to support a maximum speed of 180km/h. At this pace, Kawasaki seems to be building a performance electric streetcar.

Kawasaki appears to be moving faster than the rest of Japan in the play-electric space, with officials previously announcing plans to launch at least 10 electric or hybrid electric motorcycles by 2025. Judging by the degree of completion of the new car so far, electric Kawasaki is not far off.
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