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How to perfect the protection of motorcycle electroplating parts?
Release date:2022.10.12

A motorcycle is usually made up of thousands of parts, large and small, of which electroplated parts are an important part. Motorcycle electroplating parts can be divided into metal electroplating parts and plastic electroplating parts according to the plating base material, such as handlebars, fenders, rimpalls, exhaust pipes, etc. belong to metal plating base parts; The scooter shell, instrument, trademark, vehicle logo is a plastic plating base. If the electroplating is left intact, the motorcycle will appear shiny. On the contrary, if the plating has rust, scratches, dents, the vehicle is ugly, and further affect the rider riding image. Like some luxury imported motorcycles with large engines, the car can be troublesome (because these parts are very difficult to buy) if the brand name and exhaust pipe are corroded.


(1) classification and characteristics of electroplating

The classification and characteristics of electroplating are mainly: electroplating can be divided into protective, decorative and functional three categories according to the function.

1, protective coating: as the name implies, this coating is used to prevent the corrosion of products and parts, in the motorcycle production process commonly used galvanized layer to protect the main steel parts.

2, protection - decorative coating: this coating is the most widely used in motorcycle production process, processing process is more complex than protective coating, at least more than two layers of plating, some are more. Such as motorcycle fender, rim, horn handlebar, exhaust pipe, etc.; This coating in addition to the appearance of good, but also to prevent the main part rust.

3. Functional coating: This coating is usually applied to the friction surface of shaft parts, engine cylinders and piston rings, and chromium plating is generally adopted to increase the wear resistance of the main parts.

4, other coating: in the production of tires, in order to increase the adhesion between steel wire and rubber in hot pressing, the general method is to plating copper zinc alloy on steel wire. Due to different uses, plated metals are also different, commonly used metals are zinc, copper, silver, lead, chromium, nickel, black chromium, black nickel and so on.

(2) Protection measures for electroplating parts

Electroplating most corrosive solution, in organic acid is stable, can maintain luster for a long time. But the following conditions will make the electroplating corrosion, need to pay attention to and take measures to protect.

1, should prevent contact with salt, hydrochloric acid, bittern and other substances. Because the coating is easily dissolved in the above substances, it is necessary to avoid contact with 84 disinfectant, bleaching powder, toilet cleaning and other substances.

2. Motorcycles should not be stored in places where there is gas, coal ball stove and soot. This is because carbon monoxide (CO) will cause the coating to produce gray black mesh cracks and rust.

3, pay attention to the method of wiping. Usually in a week only on the motorcycle electroplating once a neutral oil, such as sewing machine oil. Pay attention to each time when wiping oil should first wipe dirt with a soft cloth; After driving in rainy days, the dirt should be wiped with water first; Then wipe with a soft cloth, and finally dip in oil to wipe. Do not rub the oil on the paint and tire, to prevent paint gloss and tire aging. If there is water mist inside the instrument and other coating, it should be dried with a hair dryer and then wiped.

4. For the galvanized surface of the car strip, because its surface has generated a layer of dark gray basic zinc carbonate film, which can effectively prevent the internal metal from being corroded, so pay attention to not wipe the dark gray galvanized surface and polish it, and you can wipe some neutral oil to protect it.

5, for the plastic electroplating parts of the wipe, can only use a soft cloth dipped in water (warm water) wipe, can not dip in oil wipe, because that will destroy the coating of the plastic electroplating parts.

6, for exhaust pipe, fender, rim such plating parts, can not be brushed with steel wire brush dirt, because the brush wire brush will scratch the coating surface. Apply clean water to loosen the dirt bubble and then wipe as described above. If it is not loose application of wood bar gently descaling.

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