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Motorcycle 7 must-change practical modified parts, so that you have a better riding experience
Release date:2022.10.27

Motorcycle modification is believed to be the hobby of many mokers. Every time you upgrade your car, you will feel a sense of inexplicable pleasure. There are some very practical modifications, which can not only make the motorcycle look more high-end, but also improve your riding experience.

Motorcycle double flash switch, maybe many people have not heard of motorcycle double flash switch, there are many Moyou have been in use, motorcycle double flash switch working voltage is only 12-24V, electrical appliances open or go out by their own control, reduce the power consumption of your car, a variety of switches for your choice.

Free installation motorcycle locator, car locator, I also have the high pretend bility motorcycle locator, choose delicate appearance, tiny, silent, easy to hide from installation motorcycle locator, a key recording, car information anytime and anywhere, must be binary precise positioning, long standby time, will be more at ease to use.

Motorcycle disc brake lock, estimated that many Mo friends have been installed, not installed MO friends can choose zinc alloy solid lock body, strong, fight against, pure copper super B level lock core, anti-technology open, anti-pry motorcycle disc brake lock, effectively improve anti-theft, more secure. And motorcycle disc brake lock lock simple, handy.

Modified motorcycle LED headlamps, modified motorcycle LED headlamps is 60% of the friend will be one of the modified accessories, because each person has a different vision, luminosity is different also, you need to use high quality plastic material, do manual work is delicate, anti-aging, durable, but also to open and close button set apart, it is more convenient to use.

Motorcycle mobile phone bracket, the use of motorcycle mobile phone bracket, can be mounted on the mobile phone, open the mobile phone navigation, easy riding, no longer need to worry about losing direction, no longer need to be lost.

Motorcycle horn, most of the friends like to own a motorcycle horn to change, change myself like voice, first motorcycle horn when should pay attention to choose those who adopt aluminum alloy material, the unique pronunciation cavity design, not only need waterproof, and can improve the effect of warning, good conductivity, corrosion resistance, long service life, has a stable mounting bracket, use more solid.

Rearview mirror with 360-degree free rotation, motorcycle rearview mirror, every motorcycle has, but rearview mirror with 360-degree free rotation, wouldn't you like to have it? Speaking of this, many Moo friends are already ready to move. The 360-degree freely rotating rearview mirror is designed with large lenses, which effectively expands the field of vision and makes driving safer.


How many of the above 7 practical modification parts do you have on your car?