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6 points of experience, accurate judgment of motorcycle repair shop rely on unreliable!
Release date:2022.10.27

With the development of the motorcycle industry, the implementation of national four emissions, now motorcycle repair shops have begun to polarize, one is upgraded to professional maintenance of all kinds of motorcycle repair station level shop. Another is to repair electric vehicles and motorcycles basic maintenance projects of the shop. If your motorcycle is the country four emission play type of car, and in urgent need of repair, then you need to judge the motorcycle shop, if it is not the shop, the car not only repair is not good, may also let the motorcycle failure further amplified. Today Xiaobian to tell you some experience, what kind of motorcycle repair shop can repair the car!

1, first look at the maintenance environment;

If a repair shop is dirty and dirty, you can say that the shop is good at fixing cars. Because, a good maintenance shop, must be clean every day, maintenance shop functional area division is scientific and reasonable, in such a working environment, will be more focused, more relaxed!

2, look at the maintenance equipment;

Special tools are available. "If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools." After finding out the cause of the fault, if it is to be properly repaired, it is necessary to have good special tools. This is also an essential condition for improving the repair speed and ensuring the repair quality, and can reduce the labor intensity of the maintenance master. The maintenance of physical and mental pleasure is the spiritual guarantee for repairing a car. If a master repairs a car, how can he repair a good car?


3. Look at the clothes of maintenance masters;

If the maintenance workers in a shop are neatly dressed and clean, it shows that the maintenance master is skilled. He can clean the place in need of maintenance according to the order. He can also accurately predict which part of the motorcycle can be removed with how much force and in which direction, so as to ensure a clean and tidy body. Instead of scrambling to dismantle, the results of a covered in oil, black and blue!

4. See the status of the maintenance master;

A motorcycle failure, is often caused by several reasons, but the reason has the main, at this time, as long as we clear primary and secondary, seize the main contradiction, follow the lead, find the cause of the fault can be accurate and fast. Skilled maintenance master will first listen to your description of the fault, and then their own instrument measurement, simple after complex, from the outside to the inside step by step, and not a simple judgment of a fault, later not sure, and said another fault, so the maintenance master is certainly not professional.

5, look at the maintenance master's methods and steps

We have learned that Paoding was very familiar with the structure of cattle, and he would decompose a cow naturally and quickly according to its basic structure. Motorcycle is the same, to see the skilled maintenance master repair car is actually a kind of enjoyment, he is like each car one thousand or two thousand parts back over the same, will be a car all disassembled, and can be all installed, in the middle without reading, very sensitive to find fault. Moreover, this kind of master must be quite in place to clean the parts, especially the maintenance and assembly of the engine, clean and dust-free is the basic guarantee of no leakage after the engine assembly!

6. Look at the spare parts reserve of the repair shop;

Although as a motorcycle repair shop, it is impossible to complete all parts, but the basic parts reserve, neatly placed is a necessary condition. Know what accessories you have, how many, and where you keep them at all times. It's quick to get it out when you need it. Moreover, as far as possible to use the original parts maintenance master is the most conscience of the master, motorcycle only use the original parts maintenance, in order to maximize the guarantee of motorcycle performance does not decay, is also the most effective guarantee of maintenance quality. If it is cheaper to blindly to meet user demands, and then use the inferior fittings, maintenance quality will sell at a discount greatly, the user will come to you at last and when he was again looking for you, does not think himself a little money, and will only think you not technology, maintenance quality did not assure, with suddenly broke down, then even won't give you the money, you will feel very wronged? But is he asking for it?