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After the electric injection of motorcycle, the maintenance of electric injection system can not be solved by changing parts alone
Release date:2022.10.27

Motorcycle maintenance is a technical work, before 2000, is a very respected industry, but with the development of the market and manufacturing technology, motorcycle maintenance from the beginning through the repair technology, to replace the main parts. This is also for a reason, at the beginning of the motorcycle for people, is a luxury, accessories supply is not enough, motorcycle failure mainly by repair, what wash carburetor, carburetor, boring cylinder and so on is often the thing. However, with the development of manufacturing technology and scale, motorcycles have become consumer goods, and the supply of accessories is also cheap and sufficient. Therefore, when motorcycles break down, they are generally not repaired, but replaced directly. Even when tricycles break down, they are not repaired, and the engine is directly replaced.

After motorcycle electric injection, the maintenance technology of motorcycle electric injection system is becoming more and more important. If the maintenance master knows nothing about the electric injection system, then you would like to change parts. Take a maintenance case;

A Honda E shadow 110 customer, the vehicle has been used for 4 years, in the last half month, the vehicle often happens automatic extinguishing, and there is no law at all, once such failure, can only be a rest, or push a distance, alas, and can start. And then the whole day might be normal again. The maintenance station master asked the customer whether the electric injection detection fault light of the vehicle would flicker in the event of a fault. The customer said no, or it would be bright, and then it would go out once it was started.

According to the user's description, this is a soft fault, which is not directly reflected in the fault, and this kind of fault is the most difficult to accurately judge. The customer asked two repair shops and both said that they could not repair it, because there is no computer detection equipment, so it is suggested to directly repair it at the repair station. Therefore, in such a fault, it is no longer like before, the repairman to change things, always able to repair.

Highly skilled maintenance station master also do not need to brush the computer, first of all, you can analyze that the fault must not be the sensor, because the sensor failure will have a fault light. According to the user's description, there is no fault light flashing in this car, so it can be inferred that the failure possibility of the actuator is relatively large. The maintenance station master connects the OBD plug with the OBD detection line and opens the electric door lock. The fault light flashes, indicating that the fuel injector is faulty.

After cleaning the injector, cleaning the plug and connecting it, the fault is not eliminated. Therefore, check whether the power supply wiring is loose, because loose may cause similar fault phenomenon, check the power connector, found a positive pole of the auxiliary wire has been broken. But not completely broken, there are several copper connected, and has rusted, resulting in poor contact from time to time, resulting in failure, the line is connected, the fault disappeared.

It can be seen that a very simple fault can make the performance of the EFI system confusing. To repair the EFI system, you still need to be familiar with the principle, circuit and fault phenomenon of the EFI system, so that it can be successfully repaired. The problem can not be solved by replacing parts alone.