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The appearance level is incomparable, the price is close to the people, beautiful and wild! CoCo cool can a number of small row models new release!
Release date:2022.11.02

"Tide play unlimited, full fire!" On October 30th, CoCo Kuke locomotive online live new product conference was held ceremonially. Four small displacement products with their own characteristics were full of fun to play, showing the unique charm of CoCo Kuke family fashion.

At present, with the improvement of consumption power, and the rise of "Generation Z" who are more pursuing spiritual satisfaction and self-worth, motorcycles have been endowed with more fashion labels such as "cool, cool and trendy", and gradually become the new favorite of the new generation of young people. The CoCo motorcycle accurate insight into the young group of psychological and demand changes, efforts to create a number of fun motorcycle new products, perfect fit the current market deep needs, strong trigger young consumer groups emotional resonance, once published, strong response.

Since the establishment of the brand, CoCo Kuke has launched CoCo Cub, CoCo Pony, CoCo Cat as the leading three categories of product system. The release conference CoCo Kuke launched Cross 125X, Pony 150F, Pony CD classic 70cc/125cc, Pony CD climbing edition and other four new models, further broaden the product matrix, indicating CoCo Kuke locomotive force boutique small row field of confidence and core strength.

The Cross 125X, priced at 8,980 yuan, is a multi-purpose adventure vehicle for urban commuting and light off-road bending beam models. Its power, a single cylinder 125 air-cooled horizontal engine, standard automatic clutch, maximum power 7.5kw, torque peak 9.5N.m, the engine built-in double overhead camshaft and rare balance shaft design, daily commute vibration is low, high-speed operation more smooth, more powerful.

In addition, on the basis of the original CoCo CUB family models, Cross 125X adds a new 38mm diameter ring type thick steel tube frame, and makes directional optimization for suburban camping and light off-road, which significantly enhances the functionality of the vehicle. It can not only take a daily commute, but also has a stronger sense of fun. Can meet many urban youth suburban camping, cross-country and other diversified car needs.


The overall size of the car is 480*410mm. The frame is made of steel pipe double wing beam frame which is rare in the same class. It is equipped with 18 rear 16 inch wheel hub, 31mm diameter extended front shock absorption and double air bag rear shock absorption. With a large 8.8L fuel tank, the range is close to 400Km, even for long-distance travel. The height of the seat is 750mm, the reconditioning weight is 106kg, and the minimum ground clearance is 180mm. Even if the light cross-country passage is quite good, the riding is free of pressure, and you can easily enjoy the fun of driving and controlling.

Pony 150F is priced at 10,680 yuan. The appearance of the vehicle is quite Italian style, retro style and modern fashion beautiful. It is a MINI retro model mainly targeted at urban commuting and fun. The car's rounded LED headlights, offset liquid crystal meters, smooth and simple line design, everywhere highlight the elegant taste and full of retro feelings. Combined with the 150cc air-cooled engine, the maximum power is 9.5Kw, the torque is 13N.m, and the shock absorption design commonly used in 250CC sports models, not only makes the whole vehicle more sensitive control, driving stability is stronger, but also the power is extremely strong. In addition, the double exhaust pipe design unique shape, full of movement, sound is also very beautiful.

What's more worth mentioning is that the car is not only standard with front and rear disc brakes, but also equipped with closed dual channel ABS, which makes it safer to ride and more fun. It also has a high cost performance advantage in the same class of models.

Pony CD series has launched two versions: classic edition and climbing edition. The classic edition currently has two power platforms: 70cc and 125cc, and the price is 5970 yuan and 6780 yuan respectively. The 125cc climbing version is officially priced at 7,380 yuan.

Pony CD version jialing sutra 70 water tank, round headlights, steel wire spokes wheel, such as classic configuration, in appearance design at the same time, vehicle parts, such as do a lot of optimization, such as the cradle of material thickness rigid stronger type frame, before the new mould of the stainless steel torpedo exhaust, double-piston disc brake calipers, chassis guard board... Classic reappearance at the same time, but also do not break the characteristics of fashion innovation, safety, restraint greatly improved.

In terms of power, the vehicle carries a 70cc platform model with a peak power of 3.5kw/8000rpm and a peak torque of 4.5N.m/6000rpm; 125 platform uses 133 Fire Kirin engine, key parts are imported parts, the maximum power is 6.2kw, the peak torque is 9.2N.m /5000rpm, and equipped with automatic clutch.

In addition, the climbing version is equipped with a manual clutch, with a higher minimum ground clearance of 230mm, a seat height of 790mm, and a weight of 89kg, making it easy to operate. In addition to the high fender, but also equipped with the front 18 after 17 inch super large hub, all-terrain tires, powerful hardware configuration, fully highlight the hard ADV image, effectively resist non-pavement bumps, riding stable and comfortable, through the sex is better, play is very strong.

The press conference also learned that the next CoCo cool can also have a number of blockbuster models successively on the market, and three new models have been unveiled: Cat family's first adventure scooter Cat 150ADV, CUB family's latest work super CoCo, Pony family's retro model Pony CD coffee version. Several models to be launched have unique selling points, rich configuration, full texture, interested in Moyou can continue to pay attention to.

In general, the CoCo released four models of accurate positioning, innovation point praise. The balance performance of configuration, control, power and braking is excellent, and the advantages of ultra-high cost performance and performance quality are highly recognized by people inside and outside the field. Looking forward to CoCo Kuke locomotive to launch more new products, for the high-end boutique small row field into a clear stream, innovative pilot small row motorcycle fun market.
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