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Japan's war, electrification has been transferred to motorcycles, Honda admitted that "electric motorcycle" is not realistic?
Release date:2022.11.02

All know that is the future of new energy vehicles, numerous car companies have began to electrification transformation, and in Japan this time for new energy automobile power has the wrong bets and now Japan more inclined to hydrogen energy, but because the Japanese are reluctant to share technology in the field of hydrogen energy, so China and Europe and the United States to a more simple and practical electricity as the future development direction, This time Japan did panic, and Akio Toyoda said his sniping at electrification had failed!

Honda, the world's largest motorcycle maker, also plans to go electric for carbon-neutral reasons, but says the transition will be difficult and any attempt to take on the internal-combustion engine will face stiff resistance. Only when there is a market demand and consumers can accept it can the door of motorcycle electrification be officially opened. So the question arises, why can car electrification succeed? I've summed up the following points.

The first point is that fuel vehicles are large carbon dioxide emissions, so in order to protect the environment must be transformed to new energy vehicles. The second point is that there are already powerful enough technologies to make the transition easy. The third point is policy support, consumers can feel the exact benefits.

Is it easy to see the car transition? It's not that Honda doesn't want to, but that many markets around the world don't like electric scooters. Honda also says electrified bikes are less popular. For one thing, electric bikes are more expensive to make. The executive director of Honda's two-wheeler business says they are 50 to 80 percent more expensive to make than gas-powered ones, mostly because of batteries. Take Honda 125, the most popular car in China, for example, the price of a car is about 8,000 yuan, the cost is about 6,000 yuan, so if it is an electric version, the cost is at least 10,000 yuan, and the selling price must reach 12,000 yuan to be the same as the fuel motorcycle.


Everybody wants to know why the motorcycle users to buy a motorcycle, the idea is very simple, is economical and practical, domestic motorcycle market annual sales of about twenty million m or so, which accounted for more than 85% are under 200 cc displacement, so most users consider above all is the price, an average of 12000 electric bikes is obviously not their first choice for car!

Plus electric bicycle is very popular at present stage, have no the position of the electric motor, after all whether electric bicycle or electric motorcycle, they are only suitable for urban transport, now have electric bicycle, electric motorcycle really there is no need to produce, yadi, Emma, led by the electric vehicle has been thoroughly occupied the market, Electric motorbikes are now in a bit of a "good" situation.

The most key is that electric bicycles not only have the convenience of motorcycles, but also the price is two-thirds cheaper than motorcycles. Two thousand yuan can buy a good quality electric bicycles, which has a fatal attraction for our ordinary wage earners, and compared with motorcycles, the threshold of riding electric bicycles is lower. And the power aspect is the city after all, so the power is not the key, the security is the key.

To be honest, the fuel motorcycle itself emissions are not big, so motorcycle electrification, I think it's better! It's really not necessary!

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