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From 25,380 yuan, Spring Breeze new PAPIO NOVA, Brembo caliper + Bosch ABS
Release date:2022.11.02

As the domestic electric motorcycle market continues to heat up, Chunfeng has recently released a trans-riding electric motorcycle, PAPIO NOVA, after launching the pedal-series polar core AE8. The price of the new car starts from 25,380 yuan.

The exterior design of Spring Breeze new car is derived from our own baboon, and the whole car basically restores the baboon design. The main difference is that the fuel engine that provides power is changed into an electric motor, while the configuration part of the new car is a high-end model.

Spring Breeze equipped the PAPIO NOVA with inverted front fork, multi-speed adjustable hydraulic mid-mounted shock absorption, front and rear auxiliary push, Brembo brake calipers, standard cruise, and Bosch dual-channel ABS for premium versions.


As a fun electric motorcycle, the two sets of 69V32Ah8 batteries carried by the PAPIO NOVA can provide a driving range of 120km and a constant speed of 190km at 20km/h. The peak power of the mid-mounted motor is 12.5kW and the on-wheel torque is 251N·m. There are three dynamic models: economy, street and sport.

Other features include LED-sensing headlights, automatic return turn signals, 5-inch TFT full-color meters, 18W quick-charging ports, and more.

The new car will be available in Starlight white, electric blue, succulent blue and lemon green.
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