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113, single rocker arm! The Secron RA 900 is officially announced
Release date:2022.11.02

The competition in the domestic market has been gradually upgraded from the entry level market in the past to the large displacement models of various public upgrades or quasi-public upgrades frequently exposed recently. Zongshen, the traditional domestic manufacturer, seems to launch its own public upgrade model recently -- the Secolon RA 900.

The Sekoron RA 900 was first unveiled last year as a concept model, but this new publicity image shows that the official design for the final production version of the new RA series car has been completed. The new car is basically restored to the concept version of the model design, appearance and styling is not too big difference.

In some details, the lines of the Sekoron RA 900 are more coordinated, the front headlights are more detailed, the back seat is changed back to the flat design that can take people, the rear single rocker arm and the rear side shock absorber are still very eye-catching.


As previously disclosed, the Sekoron RA 900 is powered by a V-twin water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 987cc, with a maximum power of 83.3kW (113.3ps) @9500rpm and a maximum torque of 98N·m@7500rpm.

Previously shown configuration parts are sliding clutch, Bosch dual channel ABS, West mutual calipers, inverted front fork, LCD meter and the whole car LED light set, etc.

The real version of the RA 900 will be unveiled in November. What can you expect from the new car?
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