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Car review: Triumph Rocket 3 GT, "Technology and Hard Work"
Release date:2022.11.02

The rocket 3 name also has a long history, dating back to 1968, when Triumph and BSA jointly developed a 740cc in-line three-cylinder engine, but sold them separately: Trident for Triumph and Rocket 3 for BSA.

Although the vehicle was released to great acclaim, the good times did not last long. Four weeks later, Honda released the CB750, so it is easy to imagine that the Rocket 3 was born at the wrong time. By the time we heard the name Rocket Three again in 2004, it had a displacement of 2,294 cc.

The models it targets are Harley's Cruiser and Honda's Gold Wing, which have much larger engines than the previous two and are shaped like American cruisers; In 2019, this model again ushered in a big change, this time from the appearance of temperament and displacement up to a new height.

Today, we will share with you, this will be the car level 2500cc inline three cylinder engine, mounted on a motorcycle, Triumph rocket three riding experience is what.


The visual design

Let's talk about the visual part of the car. The previous generation of rockets still had a little bit of the American cruise car. Now, Triumph has incorporated more of its own understanding of the car. Let's take a look at the right side of the car first. Personally, I think the official layout design on the right side of the car is still a bit of perfectionism.

First of all, let's take a look at the vertical in-line 3-cylinder engine, which presents an approximately square structure on the right side. Even when we see the bottom of the engine, it looks like a knife has been cut. The whole right side area is also such a sharp Angle, and the exhaust of the engine looks like Mosaic on it. The whole appearance you feel is Mosaic these two words the most appropriate, this exhaust has both this sense of power and design aesthetic feeling.

At the same time, the exhaust of the two tails can block the rear rocker arm very well, so that there is no interference of other lines in the tail area; Looking back, we can see that this car is actually a single rocker arm design, the right side of the car is a good embodiment of the advantages of a single rocker arm;

If you look at the whole thing from the right side, you can't see the main frame. You can only see part of the front and the subframe. There are very few coverings and no wiring harnesses. It feels like an engine with a set of exhaust, and then a fuel tank and front and rear tires on top, and the car is finished, as if following the concept of both mechanical and aesthetic.

Compared with the perfectionism on the right side, the left side is much more realistic. First of all, the gearbox of the engine is placed on the left side, and the whole engine area is not as neat as the right side. At the same time, the air intake is also on the left side, and the shape is similar to that on the right side, with a muscular feeling. But the inlet and engine connection area because of the functional requirements, or with a cover to do some shielding.

Again in the future we look at the longitudinal buy engine has the advantage of driving shaft, it can save the tooth plate chain these unnecessary mechanical parts, let the whole area of mechanical integral feeling is strong, but we found that the shaft is very thick, it not only bear the transmission part, and is part of the rocker arm, So you can imagine how much pressure there is on this drive shaft.

We just said when talking about the right side, in order to take care of the needs of the right side of the vision, there is an exhaust on the left side, so he is not abrupt on the left side, but the left side of the visual experience will be more overall more plump.

Before us the face, first of all, we first say the front tyre, he reached $150, the width of a lot of car he of the width of the rear wheel is 150, leading to the distance between the shock before he will be more wide, the more wide distance if you put a smaller headlamps can be suppressed, larger single headlight and feel will more leng. So he has two slightly smaller headlights side-by-side to make good use of the space and at the same time be a family element.

We look up at the headlights above this area, in fact, there are two functions, one function is purely for the headlights and above the vehicle handle instrument in the visual connection, the other function is that he put the relatively small windshield, can play a certain positive impact on the rider's defense effect.

Although the cover part of the water tank is the basic color, it is actually a plastic cover part. The color can be well matched with the body to create a metal industrial wind. In addition, the front of the car can have a visual division in the lateral and longitudinal direction.

As we said when we talked about the history, before the 2019 version of the rocket three more inclined to the American cruise car model, to the 2019 version of the change, only when you sit in this car, you feel the American cruise car feeling will be stronger.

First of all, we can see the huge flat tank, under this big to we can hardly see the engine area of these parts, at the same time the fuel tank you look at he is huge, but he is under a dents a modelling, dents is the main part of the frame is through the tank bottom through to come over, and the structure of the fuel tank or a quick release, So he put the tank opening on the side, although there is no symmetry, but used to look good.

Let's take a look at this relatively wide handlebar. There are two main factors in this design. One is that its body is relatively large and its fuel tank is also relatively wide, so its visual ratio is wider. The width of the front wheel is 150, so the handlebars need to be wider.

The shape of the seat is narrow at the front and wide at the back, and the lines can be well connected with the fuel tank. At the same time, the seat is short, and there is concave in the middle. The width of the back seat is narrow, we guess that he does not want the whole tail area to look too fat. The rear seat also has a backrest, whose bracket is the rear armrest of the car. In addition, the paint surface of the tail cover is the same as that of the oil tank, and then cooperate with the red of his taillight, so there is also a background on the whole front and rear vision.

The car's configuration, an in-line three-cylinder water-cooled engine with a 10.8:1 compression ratio and a displacement of 2,458 cc, produces 167 horsepower at 6,000 RPM, equivalent to 123kW; With a 221N·m twist at 4,000 revolutions, it's still a bit scary.

Both front AND rear SHOCK absorBERS USE Showa SHOCK absorbers, front shock absorbers are compression rebound damping adjustable, rear shock absorbers are fully adjustable, and it comes with a separate hydraulic preload regulator. Although the front shock absorber is long and stout, its stroke is 120mm, and the stroke of the rear shock absorber is 107mm.

The front brake uses Brembo'S opposable four pistONS WITH double floating discs, while THE rear brake USES OPPOSABLE four pistons with single discs. The upper pump of the front brake also uses the straight up pump of Brembo.

Before and after the hub is 17 inch aluminum alloy, which has both strength and try to do lightweight, the width of the front wheel is 150, the width of the rear wheel is 240; The wheelbase is 1677mm, the seat height is 773mm, the fuel tank volume is 18 liters, and the car weighs 320kg.

Other features we won't see include a hydraulic power clutch, torque assist; The configuration of gearbox monitoring is also relatively rich, electronic throttle, power mode, cruise, corner ABS and more intimate handlebar heating

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