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Motorcycle parts classification
Release date:2022.11.10

Motorcycle accessories classification details:

1: Engine and accessories: assembly crankcase cylinder piston ring crankshaft valve camshaft fuel tank filter fuel pump machine oil pump carburetor electric injection exhaust water tank fan other

2: Transmission system parts: motorcycle clutch transmission control device motorcycle starting mechanism motorcycle belt drive component chain drive component shaft drive component

3: Walking system parts: frame fender fork shock absorption shock absorption accessories wheel hub rim tire lock alarm bumper mirror utility box guard frame parking frame armrest windscreen auxiliary decoration


Motorcycle Basic Information:

1. Motorcycle is a two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicle driven by gasoline engine and operated by hand with front wheel steering. It is light and flexible and travels fast. In the general direction, motorcycles are divided into street cars, road racing motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, cruise cars, station wagons and so on.

Chinese name: Motorcycle

Drive mode: Driven by gasoline engine.

Features: Light and flexible, fast driving.

Role: patrol, passenger and cargo transport, sports equipment
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