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How to maintain the new motorcycle run-in period
Release date:2022.11.10

Motorcycle maintenance, first of all, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the new run-in period. Although the processing surface of the new car parts meets the requirements of processing accuracy, but compared with the run-in, it is still relatively rough, the assembly gap is smaller, the contact surface is uneven, the parts are in the high-speed wear stage at this time. More metal chips fall off by friction during movement, resulting in higher surface temperature of motorcycle parts and poor lubrication effect. In order to reduce the initial wear speed of parts and extend the service life, motorcycles have a run-in period, generally 1500km.

In addition to the use of the run-in period according to the instructions, but also abide by the following rules:

1. Do not use one gear or one speed for a long time.

2, try not to drive at high speed, especially for a long time, the speed is generally not more than 40km/h;

3, should avoid full throttle open,

4, do not let the engine in the super load driving, avoid causing engine overheating;

5. After the new car travels 300km, the oil should be changed in time and the oil filter should be cleaned.


Meanwhile, the full run-in period was delayed to 5000km. After 5000km, all parts are run in and mature, with the lowest wear rate. Motorcycles, like people entering the middle age stage, can develop steadily. Between 1500 and 5000km, although the wear rate of parts is much lower than that of the previous period, it is still an immature stage with a high wear rate, just like people's teenage years, which are easily affected by external conditions. Therefore can not be too relaxed to his care, but also should be in the early run-in mentality to care about its growth.
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