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Motorcycle chain technology, construction and use of maintenance overview!
Release date:2022.11.10

Motorcycle transmission mechanism is mainly divided into chain drive, belt drive, shaft drive three kinds, among which the chain drive is the most widely used, of course, the reason is that it has a lot of advantages (small power loss, high tensile strength, suitable for high-speed driving, suitable for modification, relatively low cost), of course, it also has shortcomings (need regular maintenance, wear to replace, etc.). Today, let's talk about the knowledge of the chain, in-depth to the chain structure, installation method, use and maintenance of common sense......

1. The importance of maintenance chain;

The chain is an integral part of the transmission system. The chain is more outstanding than the belt in the efficiency of power transmission, the loss of kinetic energy is less, and the power generated by the engine can be fully transmitted to the rear wheel. However, the chain of the gear car is mostly exposed to the design, long time contact with the dust or gravel in the air, the structure or surface of the chain will be abrasive, so the maintenance of the chain can not be neglected. Regular maintenance of the chain can not only extend the service life, but also maintain the transmission efficiency of power, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of riding more safely and comfortably.

2, the basic structure of the chain analysis;

In simple terms, we can think of a chain as a steel bullet model of joint structure, consisting of interlocking chains, bushings and rollers, with pins passing through the middle to connect, giving the chain the mobility of a single vector. This is the chain structure of our car, and then through other components to affect the power transmission of the chain, smooth operation, etc., the precision of the chain has a crucial impact on the efficiency and even safety of the vehicle.

There are two kinds of motorcycle chain, that is, ordinary chain and oil seal chain. Ordinary chain is generally used on small-displacement models, with low price and low cost and better transmission efficiency, but its life is relatively short, and it is easy to stretch. Several hundred kilometers need to adjust the tightness.

Oil seal chain is also known as competitive chain, in fact, there is an oil seal in the middle of the inner and outer chain piece. The oil seal is filled with grease, which lubricates the roller and bushing of the chain, avoids the wear between the two, and then extends the service life of the chain.


3. Does the oil seal chain also need maintenance?

Some riders think that since there is oil in the oil seal chain, there is no need to maintain it. In fact, the maintenance frequency of oil seal chain is similar to that of non-oil seal chain. The difference is that the life of oil seal chain under regular maintenance will be much more than that of non-oil seal chain, so oil seal chain should pay more attention to maintenance! No matter what kind of chain, in rainy days, mud driving, will be more or less stained with sediment foreign bodies. Regular cleaning of sediment dirt, the chain can avoid foreign body wear, rust, oil seal damage, resistance, stuck and other problems, so that the chain can maintain smooth operation, full power transmission and ensure the best state of its service life.

4, the chain maintenance cycle;

The first maintenance time of the chain is about 500km, when the chain oil can be used for maintenance. At the same time in competition, high-speed driving, rain riding and chain noise, can also be maintained. Then at 1000 km (or two lubricates), the cleaner is used to do a more comprehensive cleaning, to keep the chain surface clean and shave the chain stuck in the small debris, to help the chain run more smoothly, reduce noise and maintain transmission efficiency and service life.

5, the chain cleaning;

In the chain cleaning, we must pay attention to the damage to the oil seal is very important! If you buy cleaners online, try to buy branded products. In addition to the basic functions of deep penetration, strong decontamination, no damage to the oil seal and metal, a good cleaner should also have both rust prevention, lubrication and activation of the oil seal. If you want to keep it simple, mix some hot water with household dish soap and use a chain brush or toothbrush.

6, the choice of chain oil;

Common chain oil is divided into three types, which are wet, dry and wax. Generally for anti-dumping, the use of dry or wax chain oil, its adhesion is good, but its permeability and lubrication is often insufficient or with strong volatile harmful gas pollution; The penetration and lubrication efficiency are the most important functions of chain oil. Of course, regular chain spray point rust lubricant can be.
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