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The Rise of domestic motorcycles? Kaiyue 800X, Wuji 900DS, Qianjiang SVT650...
Release date:2022.11.16

The manufacturing level of motorcycles is constantly improving, while in the domestic motorcycle market more than a decade ago, the large-displacement models are also few, and in the recent years, the domestic motorcycle models are also more and more, including some large-displacement models are also increasing. Therefore, overall, the domestic first and second-line brands also began to develop in the direction of large-displacement. At the same time, there are many new brands added.

However, in this year's debut of several large-displacement models, the pull model of the Kai 800X, Wuji 900DS, Qianjiang SVT650, these three different displacement of the pull car is also occupied the domestic new model heat list, but because of the numerous domestic new models, the characteristics of these cars are particularly obvious.

First of all, the data performance of these three domestic large-displacement pull cars is relatively strong. In addition, due to the emergence of new models, as long as it is on the table in everyone's eyes, it will dig the bottom of the data parameters.

This car uses the lightweight design, and there are many differences with other similar type of pull car in appearance, and the most important is the 800cc engine of the Cadillac, in fact, it is the same as the engine design of the KTM790, so the launch of this car also makes people suspect that it is a pure domestic car in cooperation with KTM. Although not yet on the market, but also relatively high heat, and in this year's Expo, it is believed that the next year will also be mass production, so that motorcycle friends in the large displacement of the pull vehicle has another choice.


Longxin Wuji 900DS this kind of 900cc displacement level of the rally car is also in this year's exhibition, especially in the European Milan exhibition also showed the appearance of the exhibition, it is the domestic version of "BMW F850GS", compared with the pure BMW rally car, this Wuji 900DS vehicle appearance also basically achieved the same embryonic form. After all, in terms of engine, the design of BMW engine is also adopted. It is also worth looking forward to whether the specific core parts come from the original factory of BMW.

The SVT650 of Qianjiang is also a medium-displacement rally car redeveloped by Qianjiang this year. Although there are Zongshen RX650 and Benali TRK702 of the same level of rally cars in China, the SVT650 of Qianjiang uses the same engine as that of Suzuki DL650, with extremely similar appearance. In general, The car is also getting a lot of buzz and may be ready for production next year.

From this point of view, the domestic large displacement of the motorcycle also began to rise, also covers the various series of models, and in the heat of the relatively high tension sector, the emergence of these models also let us think of the rise of domestic brands.

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