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The overhauled monster Versys650 is here
Release date:2022.11.16

The most obvious change to the new Versys 650 is its use of Ninja design elements, featuring a chubby fish front and a sporty Kawasaki look. The new look is less personal than the old one, but it is more sporty, and the body details are more compact and refined. The newly designed windshield supports manual adjustment (4 gears).

The new Xeno650 also features electric control, including a switchable KTRC Kawasaki traction control system and support for both modes. Mode 1 manages traction during a turn, helping to speed out of the corner; Mode 2 allows for early intervention and reduced engine output when excessive wheel slippage is detected, thus giving the tires maximum grip.

There is also an updated 4.3-inch TFT full-color LCD screen, a new logic and interface for switching, a richer information display, and THE ability to connect to your phone via Kawasaki's RIDEOLOGY THE APP for vehicle maintenance information.


The engine of the 650 is the same 649cc two-cylinder as before, but the power has been changed from 48kW@8000rpm to 47.7kW@8000rpm and the maximum torque remains at 61N·m@7000rpm.

The new engine doesn't seem like much of a change, but in our actual riding experience today, we can see a noticeable difference. The engine on the new Xenos is much friendlier and smoother to ride, with less gear connection and drop sensation for fuel return, and improved vibration suppression. In short, it is more friendly to beginners.

As an urban leisure vehicle, the Xeno650's suspension system also supports front and rear adjustment. The inverted front fork of the front 150mm travel can adjust the pre-load and rebound damping according to your own habits, and the side-mounted monobar shock absorber of the rear 145mm travel can also support the pre-load adjustment.

In terms of braking, it is composed of the front double 300 mm petal-type dish plate + double day clear double piston caliper, and the rear single 250mm petal-type dish plate + single piston caliper. The auxiliary is also standard with ABS; The tire hub combination is not as extreme as the hard pull, with alloy wheels more suitable for road riding and a front and rear 17-inch tire combination.

The tire specifications of the new car are 120/70-17 for the front and 160/60-17 for the back. The ground clearance is 170mm, the seat height is 845mm, the fuel tank capacity is 21L, and the reconditioning mass is 217kg. Optional aspects include electric heating handle, fog lamp, side box and tail box.

The new Versys 650 comes in three paint options: Classic green black, Phantom Silver + Metallic Spark black, and matte black.

The modification of the animal Versys 650 should be Kawasaki's re-positioning of the market for this model, and the power of fault tolerance and friendliness are further improved. In China, the 650cc model is no longer fierce for many people. It is undoubtedly a good idea to make it more amiable and reach more people. How do you feel about 79,800 yuan?

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