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ADV Pedal new option, Peugeot XP400 coming, straddle bike size spokes with hubs
Release date:2022.11.16

Today's scooters are also starting to take on some outdoor riding, and if you're looking for a pedal that allows you to commute to the city in comfort and go for a light weekend getaway, the increasingly popular crossover pedal is a good choice. Peugeot introduced its own crossover pedal, the XP 400, at this year's Milan auto show.

Peugeot's new XP 400 has a typical expedition car look, with a prominent small "beak" on the front, Peugeot's classic tusks on the left and right LED headlights and a familiar set of lights at the rear.

The frame features a relatively sporty keel design, and to further enhance the sporty performance, Peugeot has fitted the crossover pedal with a combination of large front 17 and rear 15 inch tires for straddle wheels and a pair of Pirelli sCORPION Rally STR tires for use on non-paved roads.

In terms of strengthening the exploration properties, there is a 140mm long travel inverted front fork. The rear shock absorption is placed in a special way. Like some pedals with strong sports properties, the horizontal installation design is adopted.

One of the more interesting aspects of the frame design of the new car is that the horizontal rear shock absorber is connected to the rear rocker arm bracket by an inverted "U" shaped bracket. It is somewhat curious how effective the rear shock absorber will be in actual riding.

The Peugeot XP400 is powered by a 399cc single-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 26.5kW (36.7hp) @8150rpm and a maximum torque of 38.1N·m@5400rpm. Equipped with keyless start system.


The braking part has the front double 295mm disc + radial four piston caliper, the rear is a single 240mm disc + double piston caliper; The caliper brand has not been disclosed, but it is known to use the Brembo kit, auxiliary system and dual-channel ABS.

The control dial of the new XP400 is a combination of a 5-inch TFT meter and two pointer meters. The digital LCD meter provides navigation with a mobile phone connection. The tank capacity is reported to be 12L and the reconditioning mass is 231kg.

Peugeot's seat cushion is also a bit of a standout, with a two-part front and back section. The bucket that opens from the middle to the sides is not very good, so you can put a full helmet in the front and only a few small objects in the back.

Peugeot offers the crossover XP400 in two versions: the Allure, with its road-oriented cast aluminum wheels and clear windshield, and the GT, with its outdoor spoked wheels and tinted windshield.

Accessories like bumper guards, fog lights and side case brackets are also available for both models, including the Allure, which comes in green and matte black options; The GT version comes in two colors: gray and white.

It remains to be seen whether Peugeot's new XP400 will catch on in the crossover market, as the crossover pedal gives some drivers an option that combines an easy commute to the city with outdoor play

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