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Huswana Black Arrow 401, "alternative" streetcar
Release date:2022.11.16

We don't have to say too much about the history of this brand, in 1903 Huswana started the motorcycle business, you can imagine how long the history of this brand, in the following years, Huswana also created a lot of history in the motorcycle industry, but also with the brand transfer, brand division.

It was not until 2013 that KTM fully integrated the brand under its own banner and presented a concept model at the Milan Auto Show, which later became known as the Huswana Black Arrow 401.

Many people may know the brand Huswana because of his SUV scooter. After KTM integrated this brand in 2013, it also hoped that this brand would be different from the past and these products of KTM itself. So there are black arrow, white arrow such models.

We can also see some shadows about the off-road vehicle on the Black Arrow. The design of the integrated fuel tank and seat is usually more on the off-road vehicle. Although the design is the same on this vehicle, the official has made some changes.

Its line color will appear more scientific and more fashionable, at the same time, he made the upper part of the tank relatively flat, there is a shelf above this setting, the feeling of life will be more strong. The rest of the body design, engine frame suspension are shared with the 390.

For the design of the Black Arrow 401, we are impressed by two things. One is that only the front part of the pedal support is connected with the body, and the rear part is in a state of suspension, which we have not seen in other models. There may be two reasons, the first one is that you want to do lightweight, and the second one is that if you don't hang in the back, there will be a bracket coming out of the tail, and it won't look so good visually when connected to the bracket.


Another impressive thing about his instrument is that the round dial does not match the elliptical elongated lines of the body. At the same time, the screen proportion and display effect lack some advanced sense, which is not consistent with the temperament created by the whole body.

As we have just mentioned, the Black Arrow 401 is completely different in design from the 390. It is more of a lifestyle car, but it is also not at all empty in terms of performance. It has everything it needs. So when this car is released in 2021, it will cost around 50,000 yuan.

However, for the new users who have just come into contact with this brand in China, it is obviously not that attractive. However, what I have learned recently is that all the dealers of this car are offering preferential activities, and the discount is nearly more than 10,000 yuan. If you are interested, you can go to learn about it by yourself.

In terms of power performance, the Black Arrow 401 is not much different from the 390 we rode before. It will still be out of gear up to 3000 RPM, but after riding it, it will basically be maintained above 3,000 RPM.

At about 6000 RPM his power will also be more fierce, vigorously to give the fuel, or will give you some of the feeling of the car. Because the body is relatively light, there is still some vibration at eight or nine thousand turns, but it is suppressed in a controllable range.

According to our understanding of this car, the overall temperament of the Black Arrow 401 is different from that of the 390 DUKE, which is more about the embodiment of performance. We feel that the 390 DUKE is more inclined to the life style of literature and art on this car, so we did not take the Black Arrow 401 as a performance model to test, but found a place with mountains and rivers. It's an immersive experience.

Murakami says he will die at 18, so he has been running for most of his writing career. Indeed, sweat and hard work are what an 18-year-old should be, a hobby that embodies both work-life balance and the kind of control he wants to have over his life.

In the noisy, fast-paced world of modern cities, it's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of our ever-expanding desires. Fortunately, there is a motorcycle, step on it, forget the trouble of work and the triviality of life, twist the throttle, break the bondage of distance, do a switch of identity and escape, close to nature, feel the wind, feel that kind of control and freedom.

We still need to have this summary, Huswana this brand put it alone in the circle of off-road tire, his brand height and user awareness is still very high. But you have to take it to a much larger group of people, people who go out and have fun, and for a lot of people, it's like a new brand.

Therefore, if you want such a model to have more users to pay, then Huswana still needs some time to do the accumulation of users, at the same time need to launch more products, so that users to perceive the brand of this value, and the uniqueness of the product.