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166KG, 100hp, Apulia RS660 track version continues to strengthen
Release date:2022.11.16

After the middle weight imitation competition model changes from four cylinder to two cylinder competition, the European Apulia RS660 can be said to be one of the outstanding ones. In order to meet the competitive demand of more car friends, Apulia has brought RS660 Extrema track version in this year's Milan Auto Show.

The first impression of the appearance of the new model is to strengthen the power output and lightweight design. The previous bottom of RS 660 and Extrema was replaced by a lighter SC Project exhaust system, the front fender and the bottom protection of the body are made of carbon fiber material, and the rear foot is changed to a removable design to reduce the weight.

The factory design of RS 660 Extrema is single-seat version, and the sub-seat kit is included in the factory accessories; After changing some parts, the weight of the new car is reduced by 3KG, and the dry weight is only 166kg. Combined with 100 horsepower, the power/weight ratio is further improved.


The electronic control of the new car is still equipped with multi-stage adjustable traction control, corner ABS, engine braking system, wheel control system, etc. This time, the positive and negative adjustable fast gear shift program is also added, which means that the gearbox can be set completely according to personal needs without changing accessories, which is more convenient to switch during daily riding and track experience.

The new RS 660 Extrema of Apulia should be a good alternative to the R6 for drivers who want to experience extreme performance. After all, the current R7 is much inferior in terms of electric control. Of course, whether it can finally win the favor of drivers depends on the launch price.