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Domestic can buy the double cylinder pedal motorcycle has what?
Release date:2022.11.24

What are the two cylinder pedal motorcycles that can be bought in China at present? Let's get this straight today. These are the best of motorcycle manufacturers, the ultimate pedal rider's dream.

01 Yamaha TMAX560 (159,800 yuan)

Although I am a Honda fan, but in the top pedal motorcycle, the TMAX560 known as the sheep King model is worthy of the best.


Yamaha has finally added a 7-inch TFT color LCD to the TMAX560, compared to the aging NMAX155 and XMAX300 LCD. After all, as a flagship car, if you don't have that, it would be too cheap.

When I chose NMAX155 and PCX160 before, I chose the latter because I couldn't stand the calculator like instrument NMAX155.

562CC parallel bars water-cooled engine. Scooter because of the transmission system and frame, the maximum engine is the parallel bars engine. But in today's domestic market, the cheapest parallel bars scooter costs more than 80,000 yuan.

Motorcycles are also expensive because of the high cost of engine development. After the development of general motorcycle engines, manufacturers can apply multiple models with one power platform, such as Suzuki Sanmusketeer GW250,GSX250, DL250, or Honda CB400X,CB400F,CBR400R. In this way, the development costs of the engine are shared equally between different models, and the scooter engine can only be used by the scooter, naturally expensive.

The car is equipped with heated handlebars and heated seats, as well as three adjustable waist rests for extra comfort on long motorcycle trips. After all, heated seats and heated steering wheels are generally applied to middle and advanced models in automobiles.

The 10 "spoke pressure cast lightweight wheel ring, the rear wheel connecting rod suspension, each reflects Yamaha's manufacturing strength in motorcycles.

Electronic throttle, electric windscreen, TCS tracking anti-skid, fixed-speed cruise configuration also put this station in the peak level of scooter.

02 Honda Fosa NSS750 (157,900 yuan)

As Yamaha's old rival, Honda is not far behind. The Honda Fosa NSS750 costs 1,900 won less than the TMAX560, but the engine size is 190CC larger. But it was chosen after the TMAX because Honda designed the scooter in an opportunistic way.

This is the two-cylinder, four-valve, water-cooled engine of the Fosa NSS750, which has exactly the same engine parameters as the Honda NC750. And the vehicle is Honda DCT6 gear manual integrated transmission and chain drive. Familiar with motorcycle friends should know that pedal motorcycle should be CVT infinite speed system and belt drive.

This car is exactly the NC750DCT version of a Honda Rally car with a scooter shell. Which is why, by Honda's opportunistic design, this car is not a pure scooter.

It comes with 5-inch TFT color gauges and three motion modes, but unlike the TMAX560, it lacks cruise control and seat handlebar heating. And his brother, the NC750DCT version, sells for just 113,800 yuan, with a scooter shell for an extra 40,000 yuan, which is unacceptable.

03Honda Fosa X-ADV 750 (161,900 yuan)

Although the model is Honda 750 series power platform doll, but the pedal and ADV fusion design has triggered a motorcycle manufacturers for reference, in today's market a variety of similar models are emerging in endless, such as Sanyo Husky, Longjia ADV and so on.

Compared to the three sports modes in the Fosha NSS750, the XADV adds five modes: Sports, Standard, Rainy, Sand, and Custom.

The oversized front wheels and high ground clearance also give it the ability to go off-road as a scooter.

04 Guangyang AK550 CKD version (88,800 yuan)

There is a popular saying in the motorcycle community: Rich Honda Yamaha, no money Guangyang and Sanyang

Here is not to despise the light Yang and three Yang, but to show that the light Yang and three Yang price ratio is still very high. After all, Honda and Yamaha, the top motorcycle manufacturers, have a large part of the brand premium, but Guangyang and Sanyang appear to be more populist.

The AK550 is powered by an independently developed 550CC parallel bars water-cooled four-valve engine.

Color LCD instrument and the central TFT circular color screen design is also unique, just want to tease a sentence, the color of this color LCD instrument is terrible.

ABS and TCS are definitely indispensable in this model. Gwangyang AK550 has a pair of independent aluminum alloy rear rocker arms as well as gear cars. This also reflects the design and research and development capabilities of Guangyang Car Factory.

05Sanyang Maxsym TL508 (82800 Yuan)

Sanyang Maxsym TL508 is now the cheapest parallel bars pedal motorcycle can buy in China, although it is the cheapest, but it does not mean that it is not good, after all, as the top model of Sanyang car factory, all aspects of nature are also available.

The engine is the 508cc twin-cylinder water-cooled engine independently developed by Sanyang, which is also very abundant in power.

In terms of instrument, like the Kwangyang AK550, the color LCD instrument and the central TF color screen instrument design are adopted. It seems that the two Yang really have a tacit understanding.

The vehicle has a 50-50 weight distribution of the shortened wheelbase and the extended aluminum rocker arm, while achieving high speed stability and outstanding urban mobility riding.

06 General Settlement

Generally, the buyers of this series are motorcycle players who like pedals, but don't take the price comparison to buy a 125-250 displacement scooter, after all, this already belongs to the rich man's big toy. Few people go shopping on these scooters.

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