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The single cylinder 300, Peugeot's new entry-level street car, comes standard with ABS
Release date:2022.11.24

Peugeot has expanded its motorcycle lineup further this year with the introduction of a new crossover pedal XP400, as well as a new streetcar in the straddling category, the PME-01 300.

Peugeot's new streetcar is a bit of a novelty. Its lines are not as muscle-oriented as those of today's mainstream streetcars. The whole car is rectangular in shape, with Peugeot's typical three-claw LED lights at the front and rear, and fenders mounted on rear rocker arms.

The new car is powered by a 292.4cc single-cylinder water-cooled engine with a maximum horsepower (29hp@9000rpm) and maximum torque (24.5N·m@7000rpm), similar to Honda's 300 series.

The PM-01 300 has a 41mm gold inverted front fork suspension with a pre-loaded adjustable shock absorber in the rear; In terms of braking, the front 280mm+ rear 240mm single disc disc, the specific information of the caliper is not disclosed, and the auxiliary side has double channel ABS.

The functional information of the new vehicle is shown by a full-color TFT instrument, tire specifications are 110/70-17 for the front and 150/60-17 for the rear, seat height is 810mm, fuel tank capacity is 12.5L, and vehicle weight is 162kg.


Peugeot's motorcycle division, which has been acquired by India's Mahindra, seems to be looking to expand beyond pedals, but the entry level market is now highly competitive, and pricing will be crucial for the Peugeot's new PM-01 300 to gain traction with riders as a new force in the street car market.

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