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Forty-five thousand? Will the domestic Forza 350 be the first choice?
Release date:2022.11.24

Honda announced a few days ago that it will release a new model on 25th. From the official publicity information, it can be guessed that this new car is the NSS 350 previously declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This new car of Honda has been first launched overseas at present.

A few things to say about Honda's new NSS 350:

1.the main change of the 2023 new car is the appearance design. The time of exposure of the new model in China is faster than that in foreign countries. The coming domestic version should be synchronized with the overseas model in terms of configuration and optimization. The NSS 350 maintains a maximum power of 21.6kW, a top speed of 137km per hour and a reconditioning mass of 185kg.


 2.The domestic NSS 350 will be produced by Honda New Continent, and will continue to be sold in Honda's gradually expanding mid-row stores, and Wuyang and New Continent sales channels will be shared. The arrival of the new NSS 350, the domestic 300-400cc pedal market competition has further intensified, of course, this is a good side for our car friends.

3. as for the price of the new car, the current domestic price range of 300~400cc pedal model is 30,000 ~ 40,000 yuan, the price of the imported NSS 350 is 55,500 yuan, the price of the domestic Fosa 350 is expected to drop to about 45,000 yuan.

When choosing the 300~350cc pedal models we released before, we can know that your first choice is still mainly imported NSS 350 and XMAX 300; But Honda's new NSS 350 will have to be priced at a premium to become the first car in that range.

There are two other factors affecting the pricing of NSS 350 that Honda should consider. First, the sales indicators of imported models and domestic models should be different, and the sales volume of domestic models is expected to be higher than that of imported models. Another is that if the price is too low, Honda's existing capacity may not keep up and there will be no room for subsequent promotions.

How much would you have to pay for the NSS 350 as your first choice after it is made in China?

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