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Honda has unveiled a new CRF300L with a more modest colour scheme
Release date:2022.12.01

Honda, which sells a wide range of motorcycle models, has unveiled a new generation of entry-level off-road vehicles, the CRF300L, which is designed to be fun and commute to work.

Instead of Honda's signature red-and-white body color scheme, the new version of the CRF300L uses the newly emerging black-and-gray system. The gray is the lampshade, front fender and tank side cover, and the frame, wheel hub and exhaust are all understatement black.

But officials did add a touch of white to the rear to make the car look less dull, and the gold upside-down front fork became more visible under the understated livery.

The CRF300L is powered by a water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 286cc, with maximum power upgraded to 20.1kW@8500rpm and maximum torque of 26.6N·m@6500rpm in the last update. It is also equipped with sliding grip, switchable rear wheel ABS.

There are also some minor adjustments in the configuration of the new car. The previously optional handlebar shell has now become a standard one, which slightly strengthens the protection of wild riding. Other aspects include the whole car LED lamps and LCD LCD instruments; Tire specifications are 80/100-21 for the front and 120/80-18 for the rear.


The fuel tank capacity is 7.8L, the fuel consumption is about 3.1L, and the endurance is expected to reach 250km. The reconditioning weight is 142kg, the seat height is 880mm, and the seat height brings 285mm ground clearance, which can adapt to most riding environment.

Honda's current layout in the domestic market has covered most of the model areas, while the off-road market is not involved, in the continuous expansion of the domestic market, whether to introduce this series of off-road new cars? The off-road is currently priced at 145,800 baht (about RMB 29,000) in Thailand.

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