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Keyless start, front and rear ABS, QJMOTOR Entry new pedal released
Release date:2022.12.01

Although the domestic entry retro pedal market is not as hot as the other several categories, the major manufacturers are still quietly updating their own models, QJMOTOR released a new version of the entry pedal - One meter some time ago.

The most important change of the new model is that the price is reduced from 15,999 yuan to 13,999 yuan. On this basis, the new car has been further optimized. Although the engine displacement is still 149.3cc, However, the power is changed from the previous 9.7kW and 13.4N·m to the cash 10.5kW/8500rpm and 14N·m/6000rpm, and the top speed is set at 98km/h.

Modeling is to maintain the previous design, the front single LED headlights, the body panel is designed on both sides of the LED turn signal, there is a slightly highlighted grille below, the painting is changed into a more fresh Qingxia blue and elegant white color painting.


The braking part of the new car is the same standard with front and rear dual-channel ABS, and there are keyless start, side brace flareout function; The tank capacity is 6L, which is expected to provide a endurance of more than 200km, with a reassembly mass of 110KG and a seat height of 760mm.

QJMOTOR this time to the new car to a price increase of optimization, but also to further enhance the competitiveness of this entry retro pedal, we think the new "one meter" how?

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