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15/5000 R3 self-balancing? Yamaha shows off new technology
Release date:2022.12.01

In the wake of Honda's motorcycle self-balancing technology, Yamaha recently unveiled its own motorcycle self-balancing technology. Interestingly, Yamaha is adapting this technology not to its flagship model, but to its entry-level R3 model.

Yamaha's AMSAS (Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System) includes a six-axis gyroscope kit to help balance the vehicle, while additional controls are added to the front wheels and handlebars.

According to the official publicity video, the AMSAS system can maintain the frame when the vehicle is unmanned. The official said that the system is mainly used to overcome the most difficult low speed riding condition, which requires the most balance. The current speed is limited to 5km/h.

Another notable aspect of the new system is that the R3 body structure (front fork, rear rocker arm, rear shock absorber, frame, etc.) is not significantly changed in the film, and Yamaha stresses that the AMSAS will be able to install the self-balancing system without significantly changing the existing body structure.


Yamaha's system is a safety-enhancing technology for both novice and veteran drivers, but as it is still in the conceptual stage, the exact performance of the technology needs to be further verified. We hope to improve the technology soon.

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