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Yadi, he's building motorcycles, too
Release date:2022.12.01

Ardi, which has a large presence in the market for entry-level electric pedals in China, brought a playful crossover motorcycle to the Milan Auto show this year. Ardi's new car was called the Keeness VFD.

The physical appearance of Ardi's new Keeness car is familiar at first sight. The front face has a through-line LED light bank and a lenticular headlight under the brow. The front half of the car looks a little stout. The latter half has a one-piece seat cushion and hollowed-out rear rocker arm.

Although Keeness is a joyless motorcycle, its power part is the electric field that Yadi is good at. It is reported that the central power unit can produce 10kW peak power, the maximum torque is 280N·m, and the top speed can reach 100km/h.

The range is provided by two detachable 72V32Ah battery packs, each with a capacity of 2.2kWh. The new car can reach a range of 140km when riding at 45km/h. Charging efficiency has not been announced.

The suspension system of the new Keeness VFD is also very different from the current models of Ardi. The front shock absorption adopts gold inverted fork, and the rear is the middle shock absorber. The braking section has front and rear single disc calipers plus front dual piston calipers and rear single piston calipers, but the auxiliary control system appears to be CBS.

The fuel tank of the new car has been converted into a storage space, which is reported to have a capacity of 16L. It also has a keyless start system and a cruise control system, which is available on recent electric fun cars.

Tire specifications are 100/80-17 for the front and 130/70-17 for the rear, and the seat height is a friendly 760mm.

According to the official promotional video, the Keeness VFD of playfulness has been ready for listing. The new car is expected to be released as 2023 model. I will follow up with you about the specific situation.

Although it is the first time for Yadi to set foot in the field of fun motorcycles, everyone is familiar with this commuter pedal manufacturer. The official also had a cooperation with Lighting, a high-end electric motorcycle manufacturer in the United States. The arrival of this new car is a real electric motorcycle model.

Just like the automobile industry, as a latecomer, Yadi makes electric motorcycles without the traditional two-wheeled burden, and has the technical advantages of battery motor. At the same time, it has a closer understanding of the young generation of users, so the future is quite exciting.

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