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Must see for newbies! Did you make the right choice to start with a small engine motorcycle?
Release date:2022.12.13

Novice entry car is the best choice is good control, if in the same level of some entry-level models on the control experience can also meet the novice, the displacement is best to be smaller, such as 70cc - 125cc is better, of course, the configuration is not too high, as for the price is the same.

But in many small displacement of the motorcycle choice, give you to refer to a few.

Youyi UE125 of Jinan Suzuki

The price ranges from 8380 yuan to 9180 yuan

From this 125cc displacement of the scooter, the design of the vehicle is also relatively fashionable, although it is a small displacement of the scooter, but for the novice, it is also more suitable, after all, small displacement of the motorcycle is the main feature of cost-effective and good control, and this Jinan Suzuki UE125 has a single cylinder 125cc four-stroke engine, It has a maximum horsepower of 9.4, a maximum power of 6.9KW, a front and rear without ABS, a seat height of 745mm, and a weight of only 112kg. This segment of the scooter is very friendly to beginners.

Benali TNT125 is priced at 9,480 yuan

From the TNT125, a 125cc sports streetcar with displacement, the design of the vehicle also follows the mainstream sports design, and from the characteristics of this car, it is in line with the choice of entry car, after all, the displacement of this car is not big, and for the choice of entry level, it can indeed meet. The car body volume is smaller design, belongs to the MINI type of a model, its actual displacement of 135cc oil cooled engine, the largest Ma reach 11.6, international 5 gear design, 122kg car weight, 760mm 780mm seat high design, is also very suitable for novice practice car.

Jinan Suzuki Cool Biao 150 price 8680 yuan

As a joint venture straddle retro car, this Kubiao 150 also has a beautiful appearance, big round lamp design, retro style seat design, all are the pursuit of performance car, because the engine of this car is a single cylinder 150cc air cooler, in terms of power performance is adequate, for the novice, basically can meet. 10.5 horsepower, 131kg weight, chain transmission, etc.


In fact, there are many optional models at the same level, and the purchase of motorcycles has to be determined according to their own budget and needs. The above several suitable for new motorcycle models for reference only, you can go to the physical store after the test ride in accordance with their own needs to choose.

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