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How to maintain motorcycles to be more fuel efficient
Release date:2022.12.07

Now that gasoline is getting more and more expensive, motorcycles can hardly afford to burn, so how to make motorcycles fuel-efficient has become a big issue. If you want to save fuel, a good technical state is definitely necessary. Today, we will talk about how to save fuel from the maintenance point of view of the motorcycle.

First, the air filter element should be cleaned often. Now most of them are dry filter elements. They are often blown with high pressure air or a pump to keep it smooth and replaced when necessary. Only the "clean" filter element can ensure sufficient air smoothly into the cylinder body to fully burn fuel and reduce fuel consumption.

Two, the engine to be fully lubricated, the engine oil should be replaced regularly, so that the engine in operation to reduce friction, reduce energy loss. Oil can not covet cheap roadside goods, must understand the source, choose genuine, otherwise marked label no matter how high.


Three, reasonable tire pressure is an important factor in fuel saving driving. Tire pressure should comply with the provisions in the instruction manual. If the pressure is insufficient, the tire will produce unnecessary energy consumption and make the fuel consumption rise. But if you go too far, the high temperatures can lead to the risk of a flat tire.

Four, for carburetor vehicles need to adjust the idle speed to the standard value range, to avoid too low idle speed caused by the vehicle easy to stall, the need to repeatedly start the engine caused by fuel waste. At the same time, too low idle speed will affect the lubrication effect and cause the accidental wear of parts.

Five. Ensure the good ignition performance of the motorcycle spark plug. When the ignition performance of the spark plug is found to be poor, the suitable spark plug should be replaced in time. Those one yuan two yuan spark plug, I think even if it, you calculate the production cost is only how much, what good materials can be used!

Six, camshaft, valve, valve rocker arm, piston ring, cylinder block, clutch plate and other wear, will increase fuel consumption, should be replaced in time. This is more professional, already belongs to the scope of overhaul, as appropriate maintenance.

Seven, do not install the windshield in the front bumper, installation of the windshield will increase the resistance of the vehicle driving, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

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