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The Flyos look better. The new ones cost about 10,500
Release date:2022.12.13

Yamaha's recent redesign of its smaller models has also highlighted some design features. Recently unveiled in Vietnam, the FZ-X, a new generation of retro cars, offers a rare aesthetic for entry-level commuter cars.

The new Yamaha FZ-X is said to be inspired by the new retro design. It has a slight shadow of the XSR900, with small round LED headlights at the front, pleated seats and a steel pipe armrest at the rear.

The new car also follows the current trend in configuration. The LCD dial can be connected via Bluetooth, and the Yamaha Y-Connect APP can display call alerts, text messages, parking location and other information. The auxiliary function of the new car also has side brace flameout.


Power is provided by a 149cc single-cylinder SHOC air-cooled engine with a 9.6:1 ground-to-two-valve compression ratio of 9.1kW (12.4PS) / 7,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.3N ·m/ 5,500rpm.

Configuration part has 41mm vertical front fork, rear central shock absorber 7 level adjustable, brake for the front 282mm single disc brake + double piston caliper, the rear 220mm single disc brake, but only the front wheel ABS. Of course, that's enough for a commuter 150.

The reassembly mass is 139kg, and the tank capacity is reduced to 10L from 11.9L in the streetcar version. Vacuum tire specifications for the front 100/80-17, the rear 140/60-17; Ground clearance 165mm, seat height 810mm.

Yamaha's new Feizhi FZ-X comes with three options: matte black, blue black and orange black. In Vietnam, the starting price is also relatively affordable, at 36.2 million dong (about RMB 10,500).

At present, the Fezos series models sold by Yamaha in China are still in the ancient shape, and there is no sign of updating at present. As the official keeps releasing all kinds of new cars and saying that there are new models introduced, will the models of the entry-level series be updated?
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