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No hanging gear, front and rear single rocker arm! Itajit's new entry-level pedals will be available next year
Release date:2022.12.13

Itajit model has a unique attraction in the pedal industry. Although it is a pedal model in appearance, it is actually a fender that needs to be mounted. In the previous auto show, Itajit in addition to the single cylinder 500cc big pedal, in fact, there is an electric pedal that does not need to be mounted.

Itajer's new electric pedal also uses its classic hollowed-out frame design, with the front and rear single-arm body still shining; The suspension system is also unique installation, it is worth noting that the new front and rear shock this time with gas cylinders.

It is reported that the new car is powered by a Gwangyang motor with a maximum power of 12kW, similar to that of the previous fuel model 200. The rated power for continuous riding is 6kW, the top speed is expected to reach 130km/h, and the maximum starting torque is 360N·m.

The battery has a 4.91kWh capacity and ranges between 90 and 180km, depending on the speed of the ride. The charging time is said to be between 30 minutes and 5.5 hours, with the former supposedly being equipped with a special quick-charge system.

The braking system for the first 200mm single disc brake + after 190mm single disc brake, and with ABS; Tire specifications for the front 120/70-12 and the rear 140/60-13; The new wheelbase is 1350mm.

Itaget this new Electric pedal e01 Electric, it is reported that will be officially launched next year, the new car in the use of different power sources, hope that the price can be lowered a little, so that more riders can experience this unique design of the car.

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