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Kawasaki's new 230 Off-road has been released, which is both practical and fun
Release date:2022.12.13

Kawasaki in the development of off-road models, not only have fun class models, but also face the life of practical performance class models, recently launched a KLX230 based on the development of the Stockman 230.

The new version of the Stockman 230 features some functional design tweaks, including a cargo shelf at the front and rear of the car, and protective bars on the upper handlebars and the engine at the bottom.

The new Stockman is powered by a 233cc single-cylinder SOHC air-cooled engine with a maximum power of 14.0kW (19PS) /7600 rpm and a maximum torque of 19.8N·m/6100, the same as the cash KLX230.

The suspension is front positive vertical shock absorption and the rear suspension is spring-pre-loaded with adjustable New Uni Trak. The tire combination is also the off-road front 21 and rear 18 inch combination, the front wheel size is 80/100-2151M, the rear wheel size is 100/100-18 59M. It weighs 137kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 7.5 litres.

Kawasaki's new model is designed to be used in plantations, mining and agricultural areas. For fun, it's off-road, not road riding. After all, the Stockman230 doesn't have turn signals or rearview mirrors designed for traffic assistance.

The new Stockman 230, available only in olive green, is priced at 57.5 million rupiah. At present, only the standard KLX230 model of Kawasaki series has been launched in China, and the subsequent SM base version has not been launched.

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