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Electric Spray motorcycle - use and maintenance "seven points for attention.
Release date:2022.12.22

1, the fuel pump of the electric spray car completely depends on gasoline cooling and lubrication, so it is recommended that the fuel volume remaining 1/4 of the time to fill gasoline, it is best not to wait until the oil volume warning light, not to dry the oil.

2, the electronic parts of the electronic spray system have been waterproof treatment, the general rain basically does not affect, but still can not be directly washed with water, especially the water gun of the car wash.

3, the use of low grade or inferior gasoline will cause fuel injector plugging or injection is not smooth, so it should be according to the specification label to use gasoline, gasoline to use clean, and pay attention to the replacement of gasoline filter.


4, in strict accordance with the requirements of the product instruction manual, regular or scheduled maintenance, replacement of oil and related filter element.

5. The electric spray car does not need to rotate the throttle to "increase" before starting, and does not need to twist the throttle to "refuel" when starting.

6, when the electric door lock is in the open position, can not be arbitrarily removed, pull out any electrical appliances and fuses.

7. Start the vehicle at least once a month to prevent glue blockage of the nozzle.

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