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Electric spray motorcycle new car maintenance taboo!
Release date:2022.12.22

With the high oil price, many car owners began to pay attention to motorcycles this year, and now the electric spray motorcycle with low fuel consumption, long endurance characteristics, become people's favorite means of transportation. Of course, many motorcycle owners have been the carburetor era of the original maintenance view of the electric spray motorcycle, that is not right.

1. Direct fire jumping inspection is strictly prohibited at the end of the high voltage wire. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the electronic spray parts.

2. Before disassembling and assembling the EFI parts, the ignition switch must be in the off state.

3, ECU, fuel injector assembly, throttle body assembly, especially ECU, should try to avoid static interference. During the operation of assembly and debugging, it is not allowed to touch the connector needle or connector piece inside the connector with hands or metal objects, let alone fiddle with force.

4, to check the electric system of the electric spray motorcycle, must use the digital multimeter, can not use the pointer multimeter.

5, the electric spray motorcycle frame for welding maintenance, must first turn off the ignition switch, disconnect the battery negative line, and then disconnect the ECU connector, remove the ECU and other key parts.

6. When maintaining the electric spray motorcycle, it is not allowed to change the installation and arrangement of the tubing. Otherwise, it will cause interference between tubing and other components.

7. In the process of using and maintaining the electric spray motorcycle, it is not allowed to use the high-pressure water gun to wash the electric spray parts, especially the connectors.

8, oxygen sensor is ceramic body, once knocked easily damaged; In addition, do not contact gasoline, oil, alcohol and other organic chemicals, otherwise, will fail.

9, do not ride for a long time: if it is easy to lose power if it is used for a long time, it is best to start once a month or to charge the battery before starting, charging please use professional charging equipment, in accordance with the prescribed range of current to charge the battery, charging must not open the electric door lock or start the vehicle.

10, try not to open the lock start: the vehicle will have a self-test process after unlocking, after the completion of the self-test to start the best;

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