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Motorcycle winter maintenance and maintenance, these six factors must be given priority!
Release date:2022.12.22

After winter comes, motorcycle maintenance and maintenance is slightly different from summer, motorcycle in winter, some seasonal problems will appear, such as: the morning is not good car, battery easy to lose electricity, oil emulsification, plastic parts become brittle and so on! So, we in winter, for motorcycle maintenance and maintenance, the focus of attention where? This issue, Xiaobian on the motorcycle maintenance in winter "six key points" to share with you!

First, the storage place of motorcycles

With the gradual improvement of people's living environment, most people are living in buildings, if let everyone push the motorcycle back home in winter, obviously unrealistic! So, the winter temperature is low, the motorcycle is put outside for a night, will affect the normal start of the next day, the plastic parts of the body will be frozen and brittle, if not long eyes of the guy knocked the car down, the plastic parts are easy to damage! So, winter on motorcycle storage places, priority is: indoor, basement, good sealing shed! If there is no way to put it outside, it is recommended to buy a thick car clothes cover, which can play a certain role!

Two, can not blast the accelerator hot car

When the engine cooler starts, because the temperature of the engine is very low, the oil has not fully lubricated! At this time, if we throttle oil, it is easy to aggravate the inner wall of the engine wear! Because gasoline has not been completely atomized, will make more liquid gasoline into the cylinder, resulting in carbon deposition! Therefore, we winter hot car, do not choose to blast the throttle way to hot car, that will only make the motorcycle engine break faster!


Three, concentration mixing ratio

If your motorcycle or carburetor version, winter will be because of low temperature, gasoline atomization effect decreases, air density increases, due to the carburetor mixing ratio is too thin, and lead to the vehicle is not good ignition start, or idle instability, easy to flout and other problems! Xiaobian suggests that if you are more skilled in carburetor debugging, do it yourself! If you do not understand, debugging carburetor this complex project, or to professionals to get it!

Four, clean up carbon deposits in time

Why do motorcycles produce more carbon in winter? So, in winter, people's cycling speed is relatively slow (riding fast and cold ah), due to a long time of low speed driving, the gasoline in the engine combustion chamber can not be completely burned, which causes the spark plug and valve clearance and piston is easy to produce carbon deposit, if the carbon deposit is too much, it will also lead to the vehicle can not start! Because we need to clean up the parts that are easy to produce carbon regularly!

Five, prevent oil emulsification

Why is oil easy to emulsify in winter? Because when we were riding in the winter, we stopped the engine before all the steam from the engine had evaporated! Water vapor condenses into water at low temperature. Because there is too much water in the oil, it will emulsify the oil after stirring. After emulsifying the oil, the lubrication effect will be greatly reduced! Therefore, we choose a good day in winter, the cycling time is controlled in about one hour, the distance is about 60 kilometers a cycling, such a trip down, can completely evaporate the steam inside the engine, but also can prevent oil emulsification oh!

Six, appropriate to reduce tire pressure

In winter, we can not avoid the rain and snow road, motorcycle through these road will occur skid phenomenon. At this time, if the appropriate tire air, reduce tire pressure, so that the tire and the ground contact area will become larger, the phenomenon of skidding will be improved

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