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How much do you know about the detection and maintenance of motorcycle tires?
Release date:2022.12.22

The wheel should bear the impact load and high frequency vibration caused by the uneven road surface when riding, and the circumferential and lateral side of the tire should bear the distortion. Repeated deformation is bound to produce a lot of heat. Modern motorcycle tires made of 4-6 layers of rubber cord layers are bad conductors of heat, and the heat inside the tire body is difficult to dissipate. The internal temperature of the tire body rises in a short time, the air pressure rises rapidly, and the profit of curtain line increases sharply. If the tire is hit by the violent impact of obstacles, the tire will inevitably burst.

1. Insufficient air pressure increases the radial deformation of the tire, increases the ground area, expands the cord deformation, and rapidly increases the temperature of the tire body, leading to the rapid increase of oil consumption in rolling resistance, abnormal wear of the tire shoulder, and the bending and breaking of the tire pressure side wall. Such as inflation, because the valve nozzle is worn or there is dust leading to slow tire leakage, so that the tire pressure is slowly reduced, also easy to cause a burst.

2 tire pressure is too high, so that the tire loses elasticity, shock absorption performance is poor, greatly reduce the riding comfort; And only the middle part of the tread contact with the road surface, the grip decreases, easy to lead to abnormal wear and tear of the crown. In addition, it can also make the latent defects of the tire exposed in the hot summer weather or a long time of driving, the occurrence of burst, such a situation is more common.

3. The tire has a natural air leak. It is reported that under normal circumstances, motorcycle tires naturally lose about 8kPa per month on average, although not a lot, but for most riders who do not have the habit of checking tire pressure, after 3 months, they lose as much as 24kPA, which is equivalent to about 10% of the stipulated pressure of most motorcycle tires. It can be seen that the slow speed air leakage of pneumatic tires. There is a great potential for a flat tire.

What happens when the tire pressure is unstable

Improper motorcycle tire pressure will directly affect the life of the tire or normal driving. Although the tire pressure is tested when the motorcycle is manufactured or sold by the dealer, it does not need to be adjusted frequently. However, we still pay attention to some daily detection methods and correct cycling. When the weather is too hot, the air pressure should be lower (175kpa is enough for a person to ride). When riding, when walking on a flat road, there is a feeling of turbulence, which indicates that the air pressure is too large and the pressure needs to be lowered. When crossing the pit, be sure to slow down and not step on the brake into the pit, that is to say, if you brake before crossing the pit, you must release the brake when entering the pit, so as to release the shock absorber and make full use of the buffer effect of the shock absorber. Before the car needs to use the hand pressure test tire to see whether the pressure is enough, can also be used to gently knock the tire according to its elasticity, of course, the most accurate method is to use a professional tire pressure detection system.

What is the use of a tire pressure test system?

Tire pressure detection system, can real-time monitoring tire pressure and temperature indicators, tire leakage, tire temperature is too high, pressure is too low or too high alarm, so that riders even if take effective preventive measures to eliminate all kinds of tire burst accidents in the incubation period, to ensure that the motorcycle is always in a safe state in the process of driving. In addition, TPMS can also extend the service life of tires and save fuel. The experiment shows that the wheel pressure is 10% lower than the normal value, which leads to the abnormal wear of the tire shoulder, the tire service life is shortened by 15%, and the fuel consumption is increased by more than 3%. Such as tire pressure below the standard pressure value of 30%, resulting in sharp wear of tire shoulder, tire service life will be significantly shortened by 50%, fuel consumption will rise by 10%. On the contrary, if the tire pressure is too high, not only the grip decreases, but also will lead to abnormal crown wear, tire life will be reduced, fuel consumption will also rise. The rise of fuel consumption not only increases the cost of use, but also increases the amount of exhaust gas emissions, and increases the pollution to the environment.

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