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Understand the principle of electric spray maintenance of motorcycle
Release date:2022.12.27

Motorcycle electric injection, as the name suggests, is the abbreviation of motorcycle electronic fuel injection system. That is, replacing existing carburetors with electronic fuel injection systems.

Motorcycle electric spray system, basically consists of three parts: sensor, actuator, ECU.

In this case, we can simply call it the "triad" and the ECUs we can call the processor.

Thus, the motorcycle electric spray system is composed of "three parts", sensor, actuator, processor (ECU).

Motorcycle electric spray three features:

Sensor, actuator, processor ECUs, the three of them have in common, is to use the function and function to name motorcycle electric spray parts!

The sensor transmits the collected information to the processor ECU, which then arranges the actuator to complete the instructions after processing the information. For example, sensors are the human eyes and ears, the processor ECUs are the brain, and the actuators are the hands and feet.

Next, let's classify the three devices separately:

Sensor, since it is known that it is the original collection of information, can be understood as the sound, photoelectric and other physical signals into electrical components. Let's not mention the internal structure and principle of each part, at least, we should find their commonality from the function of these parts.

The characteristics of motorcycle electric spray sensor, each sensor has three lines, the three lines are:

1, power supply, live line, 5 volts, this line is ECU power supply;

2, zero line, negative pole, also known as the iron, some sensors on the bright line, some sensors are their own iron, is two lines;

3, signal line, this line is the sensor to the processor ECU signal line.

In this way, we know from the common points of the three sensors that the sensor is named after the function and function, and then we know the direction of each wire on the sensor, and we can find the circuit connection of each part on the car.

The actuator is the electronic part that executes the instructions of the processor ECU.

The characteristics of motorcycle electric spray actuator, it and sensor, each actuator also has three lines:

1, power supply, firewire, it is different from the sensor, this firewire is battery powered 12 volt power supply;

2, zero line, negative pole, also known as the iron line, and sensor, some actuator is bright line, some is their own iron;

3. Signal cable. The connection mode of this signal cable is the same as that of the sensor, which is connected to the processor ECU. It's the processor giving it input signals.

In this way, take a look at the structure and principle of motorcycle electric spray system, it will be clear. Let's implement the role of each sensor and actuator according to the working process of engine intake and exhaust.

It can also be said that the above knowledge points, as long as it is a little bit about motorcycle people, almost can remember.

After mastering these basic principles, the learning process of each component is implemented concretely. And various detection methods!

Article source: "Palm Moyin" author Gao Hong