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One car, 36 years, a million kilometers
Release date:2022.12.27

In any case, there is something magical about riding a bike for 36 years and covering a million kilometers. Jurgen, an overseas cyclist, has achieved this amazing mileage in a classic Honda six-cylinder model, the CBX.

Jurgen started to own Honda CBX in 1986, which has ridden more than 1 million kilometers in total. In addition, Jurgen is not the first owner of this car. Honda's six-cylinder model was registered in 1983, and the previous owner rode about 6,000 kilometers in three years.

The Honda CBX has covered 1,008,867km between its registration and 2022. The seven-digit mileage display is believed to be a temporary marker. 36 years, 1 million kilometers, that means 27,778km per year, 2315km per month, and at least 77km per day.

Regular maintenance is also essential for long-term riding, and Jurgen's simple maintenance of the six-cylinder model includes checking 24 valves every 12,000km and supplying 5.5 litres of fresh oil and filters to the six-cylinder engine every 6,000km.

Getting parts for less common classic cars can be a challenge, and Jurgen says he has turned his apartment into a spare parts shop, with new, original exhausts under his bed, a bike rider and a motorcycle repairman who knows every screw in the Honda CBX.

The Honda Six-cylinder CBX was a super model introduced between 1978 and 1982. It was equipped with an in-line six-cylinder engine with a real displacement of 1047cc and a maximum of 105 horsepower (78kW). The fuel consumption of the series averaged 6.5 to 7.0 liters per 100 km.

It was a hit when it was launched, but Honda's six-cylinder CBX lost its competitive edge as the Suzuki GSX 1100, Yamaha XJ 900F and other four-cylinder models with the same performance and were lighter, cheaper and less expensive to maintain.

Although this six-cylinder classic model did not survive, but can ride 1 million kilometers, in addition to the owner's careful care, Honda this car is very good, after all, 1 million kilometers of mileage, assuming an average speed of 60km/h, average speed of 4,000 rpm, crankshaft rotation around itself an incredible 4 billion times.

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