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Two thousand kilometers for four rectifiers. Why?
Release date:2023.01.04

Some time ago, a friend riding Tianjian 150 motorcycle asked in the group, whether there is a good quality rectifier, to durable. He said his Tianjian 150 had four rectifiers in 2,000 kilometers!

After hearing what he said, I was bored in my heart. Although the rated power of Tianjian 150 rectifier is not enough, the battery is small, and the rectifier is not resistant to use, but the car friends have replaced the battery with larger capacity under my suggestion. According to the reason, the burden of the rectifier is small, it will be durable and not so easy to burn, but how the recent 2000 kilometers have changed four rectifiers? This is too much!

I contacted him for more details. The rider said that except for the first rectifier of his motorcycle, the big brand high-power rectifier that was replaced later all suffered battery loss after several hundred kilometers. He thought that the rectifier could not charge into the electricity, broken, so had to replace, then, so continuously changed there are 4, for he did not have confidence, want to find a better rectifier.


With questions in mind, I asked him over to check the car myself. Motorcycle in place, straight to the rectifier circuit, first check the rectifier, in the force to pull out the rectifier plug, a sharp pain in the thumb, what things clip to!

A closer look, found that the rectifier plug on the car at the end of the crack, pull hard when the crack opened, caught the finger skin. When it was fully pulled out, the plug broke.

The rider was very confused, he pulled the plug several times, but did not find the crack. It seems to be his own car, pulling habit, has not been found to have this potential crack, only in my hands, not as careful as he, let the crack exposed, and further expanded to break the plug.

No doubt, there is a crack in the plug, can not be locked, the inside insert will appear poor contact, just installed on the rectifier contact is good, normal charging, but after a period of use, due to the turbulence of the vehicle, will lead to loose plug-in, poor contact, affecting the normal charging.

Put on a new plug, put on the original rectifier, run for half an hour, test the battery voltage, normal. The fault is rectified. Recheck the owner's previous rectifier, found that except for one unstable voltage, the rest are normal.

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