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Motorcycle spark plug, air filter, oil filter element how to maintain?
Release date:2023.01.04

Spark plug maintenance:

Spark plug is the key component of motorcycle engine. The proper combustion of the mixture is the key to the normal operation of the engine. First of all, the type of spark plug used by each engine is different, mainly because of the heat value, thread size and so on, so it is necessary to use the specified type of spark plug (specific refer to the instruction manual). The engine burns normally, unscrew the spark plug observation, the electrode should be red ochre normally, if black, that is, there is carbon, indicating that the mixture is too strong, combustion is not sufficient, should clean up the carbon. Use a sharp cone to clean the central electrode groove and L pole carbon deposit; Adjust the spark plug gap: GS125 (0.6-0.9mm), QS150T (0.7-0.8mm), carbon on the spark plug will prevent good spark, and may lead to fire break; If it is found that the spark plug is easy to wet or burned white, indicating that the spark plug heat value does not match, it should go to the designated repair shop to replace the appropriate spark plug. (Usually can prepare a new spark plug spare).


1. Determine thread size and plug rod length. If the plug rod is too short, it will cause carbon accumulation in the thread part of the plug hole and damage the engine.

2. Before applying the spark plug wrench, you can carefully screw the spark plug into the thread part of the cylinder head by hand to prevent damage.

3. Use the spark plug sleeve of special vehicle tools to tighten the spark plug to the specified fastening torque.

Maintenance of air filter:

The air filter is the respiratory system of the motorcycle. If the air filter is blocked by dust, the intake resistance will increase, the engine output power will decrease, the fuel consumption will increase, the engine will be difficult to start, easy to stall, serious dust into the cylinder block, will aggravate the wear and tear of the engine components.

Clean the air filter according to the following steps:

1. Remove the air filter element from the car;

2, if the filter element is sponge foam, the neutral washing liquid can be carefully cleaned, do not twist hard, after cleaning to dry water, drop 2-3 drops of oil (in order to absorb very fine dust in the air), with the hand, according to the original state; If it is a paper filter element, it must not be cleaned with liquid, it can be hard to knock the internal dust, with compressed gas blowing in the opposite direction according to the intake condition (do not reverse, otherwise the dust will be blown into the paper core pores will be blocked more seriously); Example: The QS150T paper core is blown outward from the inside, and the storm prince is blown from the outer ring to the center hole.

3. Pay attention to the installation direction and intake direction when installing the filter element;

4. Driving in a dusty and dirty environment should increase the cleaning frequency. If it is found that the sponge is broken or the paper filter element is soaked, the new product should be replaced immediately, otherwise it will damage the engine or take black smoke.

Maintenance of oil filter element:

Most users know that the oil should be changed on time, but we should master a principle:

The new car in the run-in period (0-1200Km), only at the end of the run-in period that is, 1200km to change the oil, do not have to be replaced at 300, 500, or 800 km. Because of the expensive running-in agent added by the factory when the engine leaves the factory, premature replacement will cause unnecessary waste. After the run-in period, every 2000-3000 kilometers to change the oil, users can master their own.

But the replacement of the new oil, the filter element is not replaced. In the lubrication process of the engine, the oil pump sucks the oil from the bottom tank, and first presses the oil filter element to filter, and then the clean oil is transported to the cylinder head, crankshaft and transmission parts. If the filter element is too dirty, the filter effect of the oil is poor, the output of the oil is reduced, the parts are not well lubricated, it will cause excessive wear, so only to change the oil is not good, but also must change the oil filter element at the same time.

Note: There is a small O-ring in the filter element, be sure to confirm the installation, so that the end with a hole is installed inward; The filter element is covered with a large O-ring and a pressing spring, which is fastened after confirmation.

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