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Winter motorcycle battery maintenance
Release date:2023.01.04

For motorcycles, the most seasonal replacement parts have two, a tire, a battery, battery in winter and tire in summer, this is the rule. So, how to maintain the battery in winter, in order to extend the service life of the battery, reduce the occurrence of motorcycle failure?

Motorcycle battery is generally lead-acid battery, lead-acid battery plate is composed of lead and lead oxide, electrolyte is sulfuric acid aqueous solution, lead-acid battery water and dry battery, water and electricity bottle is actually the overflow hole of the battery is straight through the atmosphere, so when the battery work heating, will overflow electrolyte, slowly will lead to the lack of electrolyte capacity, to regularly add supplementary liquid. Dry battery is actually maintenance-free battery, maintenance-free battery has no overflow hole, but the design of the battery when it is heated can be one-way pressure relief with the atmosphere, the battery electrolyte loss is less, basically do not need to replenish liquid maintenance.


Winter battery activity is poor, but because of the gasoline winter atomization ability is poor, the carburetor engine is not easy to start, so the start motor work more frequently, more power consumption, so if the battery is not timely supplement, will accelerate the deterioration of the battery. Therefore, the winter to often check the motorcycle battery voltage, if insufficient, to charge in time, general motorcycle battery static voltage between 12.6V to 13.5V, less than 12.6V will be charged. For electric spray motorcycle, it is best not to start the motorcycle while charging, which may burn out the motorcycle ECU or other electrical appliances.

Some people in the winter motorcycle will not use, and then their own battery anode and cathode down, this is right, because the motorcycle is not, as long as the battery then, although the lock is not open, but the motorcycle will have 5 mah below the discharge current, if the motorcycle is also equipped with spot lights, GPS anti-theft and other electrical appliances, the discharge current will even more than a dozen mah, so put down, Generally half a month motorcycle basically can't start. So it is best to remove the motorcycle battery in winter, and after opening the battery is full of power placed, there are conditions to charge once a month, there is no way, such as the second spring to charge, the service life of the battery can be longer. Remember, do not let the battery leakage below 60% for a long time, in this case, the battery is basically broken.

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