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The five most anticipated domestic platoonade in 2023, which one do you prefer?
Release date:2023.01.10

In recent years, the motorcycle industry large displacement, fun type of car popular among the young generation, showing an obvious selling trend. Large displacement motorcycle due to excellent power, control performance, in line with the trend of consumption upgrading, has gradually grown into a new growth pole leading the development of motorcycle market. The following models are said to be the most anticipated domestic motorcycle models in 2023. What do you think?


The Chunfeng 800NK, known by netizens as "the strongest street car in China's national service", has a trendy and cool appearance, and its aesthetics are on the point of many young people. It can be said that it is widely expected. Powered by the same KTM 790 Duke engine, the vehicle delivers 100 horsepower, estimated torque of more than 80Nm, and a total weight of 186kg. In terms of configuration, it is equipped with TCS traction control 8-inch portrait large-size meter, built-in rhinoline intelligent platform, wireless carplay function, and can be operated by touch, voice, and button. It is estimated that the fastest first quarter of 2023 will be on the market. With reference to the price of the same level, it is expected to win more than 50,000 yuan. The appearance level, performance and configuration are excellent.


QJMOTOR- Race 1000

The domestic imitation Saiji Light Sai1000 engine problems, frame part of the technology has made a breakthrough, it is said to be equipped with MV Agusta Brutale 920 in-line four-cylinder engine, the maximum torque can see 95Nm. Modeling not only continues the series gene, appearance design is more aggressive. Configuration with Brembo radial brake calipers, Brembo pump, MV Agusta Brutale 1000RR single rocker arm and four exhaust, and classic cushion design, hardware specifications in line with the public upgrade Settings. Based on QJMOTOR's pricing strategy in the past, this car will be very cost-effective.

QJMOTOR- Sai 450

Why is the 450 worth looking forward to? Perhaps because of the spring breeze 450SR fire, motorcycle friends are more looking forward to the emergence of a, can shake its status of domestic models, and QJMOTOR is obviously placed high hopes. The engine operated by the Sa-450 is suspected to be a Ninja400 engine with a maximum power of 39kw, which is 2Kw larger than the Chunfeng 450SR.

Humanizing, the Sai 450 offers two different configurations, a gold inverted front fork +Nissin double piston calipers. The other is silver inverted front fork + unknown brand double piston calipers. Given QJMOTOR's past pricing practices, the Car 450 is bound to be attractive again.

Extra -Senmenti0

HORWIN (extra) is a new brand of domestic electric motorcycle made an amazing appearance on the eve of the Expo. The first model Senmenti 0 is a new performance ceiling of domestic electric motorcycle, which can be called the Tesla of domestic electric motorcycle industry.

Top speed is 200km/h, range is 300km, fast charge is 30 minutes, 600 nm, zero acceleration is 2.8 seconds!

Equipped with AUTO HOLD parking, uphill assist, steep descent, environmental/situational awareness, Sentinel mode, front and rear millimeter wave radar + cameras, multiple riding modes, TCS traction control, air suspension, electric windscreen, NFC keys, and more.

The Senmenti 0 is expected to be delivered in small batches in March next year, with a starting price of 126,800 yuan, and a nationwide test drive will be launched to let you enjoy the surprise experience of 2.8 seconds!

Motomorini -X-Cape 1200

Since the Monelli X-Cape 1200 debuted, many drivers have been focusing on it, because of the excellent performance of the X-Cape 650, the X-Cape 1200 is naturally highly anticipated. Not to mention MotoMorini's public upgrade engine is the ability to press the bottom of the box.

Full and large size, litre atmosphere is present! Long travel inverted front shock absorber and multi - link rear shock absorber, both support adjustment function. Red label Brembo radial brake calipers, gold wire spoke wheels, Pirelli SCORPION RALLY STR Scorpion tire, the hardware specs are absolutely in place. The 1,187cc 87° V two-cylinder engine, with a maximum horsepower and peak torque of over 100, is more promising than the other public upgrade domestic ADV.

Of course, there are many new domestic cars with large displacement, such as Wuji 900DSX, Gaojin's public upgrade ADV, Xinyuan's liter cruise "Twitter" and so on, but there is a rumor that the Wuji 900DSX is estimated to be available in 2024.

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