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Domestic 150 new pedal, off-road power, double channel ABS, selling price more than 10,000!
Release date:2023.01.10

They say the knight's final destination is the pedal! At present, many young motorcycle friends are keen on the appearance of the level of performance and import pedal models, among which the most concerned model is Yamaha NMAX155, even once appeared "a car is difficult to find" situation, become the existence of 150 level pedal models hot. Because of this, many domestic manufacturers compete to imitate.

Recently, another domestic version of ZL150T new pedal on the market, 11L fuel tank, selling price 13680 yuan, the price is close to the people, looks very "Yamaha"! It is said that this new pedal carefully created by Zhejiang Jianying Locomotive Co., Ltd. will open the extreme challenge mode in Xizang recently, I believe that the actual performance will soon be able to see.

Below through the online official data, let's take a look at this price "really sweet" series of pedals, appearance, configuration, performance and other comprehensive performance, see if you will not like?


As a domestic user, the problem of hot imported models "waiting for a car" has been troubled, Weyner ZL150T can be said to a large extent to meet the domestic motorcycle friends for imported cars but not the demand. ZL150T appearance modeling is its biggest highlight, high appearance level attribute naturally need not say much. Its whole body, streamline modeling, and even the shell, exhaust pipe, LED headlights layout and other details are almost the same as Yamaha NMAX155, this is more than a fine imitation of the appearance, really give a face.

Power, the car is equipped with off-road ADV water-cooled country four electric injection engine, infinite speed belt transmission system, single overhead camshaft two-valve design, the actual displacement of the vehicle can reach 149CC, the maximum power 10.2KW/8500rpm, the maximum torque 13N·m/5000rpm, 100 km fuel consumption control in 2.5L. Its power characteristics tend to low speed, such a performance in the same series of engines is very good. Next year, it will add a TCS power traction system and a four-valve design with a power of more than 12.2Kw, which users can choose according to their needs.

ZL150T is designed with LED light source, equipped with TFT luxury LCD instrument connected by mobile phone, and equipped with intelligent key system, which can realize silent start of pulse ignition, flout of double spring side support, automatic start and stop of A light and other functions. The frame adopts lightweight steel pipe of N-type low-beam structure, which can be easily controlled at low speed. It can also provide enough steel at top and high speeds, with extremely high safety level.

The vehicle body length is 1960mm, the wheelbase is 1360, the vehicle mass is 130Kg, the maximum speed is 100 yards, the 750mm seat height design is relatively friendly to women or new motorcycle friends, and the pedal space is also quite abundant. Compared to other cars in its class, the 11L's motorcycle fuel tank is quite large. In terms of practicality, the ZL150T does a pretty good job of dealing with daily commutes and short trips without stress.

In terms of braking, the car is equipped with front and rear ABS+TCS anti-sideside, Tensen high grip tires and low pressure forged heat treatment wheels, not only strong grip performance, not easy to slip, roll over, at the same time in emergency braking, braking distance is shorter, greatly enhancing the riding safety factor. In addition, the Chuan Nan before and after the disc brake shock absorption, can strongly alleviate the impact of bumpy road, so that the rider has a comfortable driving experience, off-road performance is good.

In addition, the car's oversized front storage box and large capacity bucket space design, dealing with daily storage is very practical, convenient and fast; At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with 12V external power supply, no longer need to worry about the mobile phone power trouble, so that you travel shopping without worry.

In general, the overall performance of Jianying Wiener ZL150T is satisfactory. Its configuration parameters, power data, especially the appearance level are quite bright. Compared with the same class of models, the price of this car is 13680 yuan, which has a higher cost performance advantage. If it gets your aesthetic needs, may wish to pay attention to the recent ZL150T Xizang travel in quality control and performance and other aspects of the comprehensive performance, then choose to buy, it is also a good choice!

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