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Although the motorcycle configuration has not been popular, but the feeling has been inseparable
Release date:2023.01.10

1.ABS anti-lock braking system

Although ABS is not new to us, this safety aid function has not yet become standard on motorcycles in the mainland market. But in view of its own practical effect is more obvious, so there are more and more small partners can not do without.

What's more, they dare not brake without ABS. There are some wrong understanding of ABS by individuals, as well as the suspicion of degeneration of driving skills. 

2.TCS traction control series

TCS appeared in fact not a short time, but it is known to us, is the matter of the last one or two years, here both manufacturers focus on the publicity, and the actual effect of the function. Although the TCS is not standard on motorcycles, many riders have come to rely on it because of its influence.


3. Start keyless

Some people say that the motorcycle use keyless start is a chicken chicken design, because the open space in its safety attributes is not high, but in fact any lock in front of the anti-theft performance, the role played by the more is to prevent the gentleman is not to prevent the villain, when the violence opens any anti-theft means is a matter of time.

Note, however, that keyless starts have more advantages than just anti-theft. 

4. Projection instrument

Projection instrument is also a new thing, although in terms of display, I personally prefer the intuitive and simple expression of pointer instrument, but in the face of powerful TFT instrument can only abandon the old love and choose a new love, because it is so intimate, which makes some people can't give up the projection instrument and function that have not become the standard.

5. Extinguishing switch

This design used to be a standard part of motorcycles, but as Chinese cars entered the era of electric spray, the stalling switch was slowly marginalized. But now under the strong advice of the majority of car friends, flameout switch and USB is slowly becoming the standard, the reason for its practicability is self-evident, 

6. Slide the clutch

The sliding clutch is actually a relatively simple mechanical unit, and many models now boast that they are equipped with this device, but it still does not come as standard, and only appears on some fun models. But once you get used to its benefits, you get a special attachment to the device, and a sense of attachment.

In addition to the above six items, the motorcycle has not been popular configuration there are many, such as fixed-speed cruise, two-way fast platoon, inertia unit, as long as we experience their effect will have a sense of dependence, and the reason is that their own logic of work and the actual function of the vehicle control and use will have a practical help, so there will be more use more love, The more love the more inseparable feeling.

However, no matter what the purpose and effect of the auxiliary system or considerate design, is an auxiliary function, too much dependence will only reduce the ability of individuals, and excessive trust may cause some irremediable scenes, so when facing the rich configuration, we still need to look at it rationally, especially some functions related to riding safety, we must take good precautions. Know how they work, so take advantage of what you have and don't overdo it if you don't have it.

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