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Novice motorcycle, four taboo!
Release date:2023.01.10

Bogey too rely on evaluation, this thing is like you did not drink wine, and then every day to see someone in the drinking live, this Maomaoxiang, the soft, the entrance is good, all kinds of boast, and then you believe it, directly bought wine ready to open dry, and then found that MD is not that, what Maomaoxiang, soft, Lao Zi down almost choked to death...

Drinking this thing, you look at different regions, different ages, different scenes we drink are not the same, as a newcomer, you do not establish a good understanding of their own scene conditions, reference can, brainless believe is to pit their own

In contrast, the appearance and brand is the reason you can simply choose a suitable car, and then with their own experience, it should be said that it will be a more fit experience


Avoid the transition tangled performance, buy a car is not to buy performance, how also taboo performance? Remember when you needed a laptop? Did not buy before you think about the CPU, memory, motherboard, what evaluation score, bought after every day take the computer to listen to music, watch movies, brush Weibo, until the computer is replaced by mobile phones, 50% of the performance did not let you use, even 2 T hard disk and 1.5T has not been reclaimed

Motorcycle, for a novice, the focus should be more comprehensive, if a novice, we don't tangled too much in performance, and then in the brand, shape, service to see more, sit high fit is not appropriate ah, work is not detailed ah, gear is clear, brake is not good, sitting can not accept, as for how much speed, horsepower, Torque of the same level is the largest, these and you really do not matter too much, these and money

Avoid over budget, budget this thing is no end, budget 30,000 when you will find a versatile to buy a larger displacement, better configuration of the car, in this case, you budget one hundred thousand will meet, so as long as you determine a budget, look up there is bound to be better, so the best way is to adjust the mentality, according to the ability to do things, don't exceed the budget, After all, people ride for fun, don't go over budget and be kidnapped by a car

Avoid small and cheap, the same is to sell cars, why to buy cheap on the Internet is good hundred, why the used car of Xianyu is cheaper than the used car of other car dealers to many thousands of cheap, at this time you think I money is not strong wind, of course, choose the cheap, the car to buy home only to find that the procedure problems, maintenance problems, all kinds of trouble problems waiting for you to solve, Wait for you to solve these problems, found that money did not save much, time and labor costs also take a lot, so when you do not understand would rather find large businesses to spend a few hundred dollars, try not to figure small cheap.

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