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The best way to diagnose motorcycle lighting failure
Release date:2023.02.01

Motorcycle in the night driving, light electric Louie failure, the most common problems are mainly light is not bright, driving light suddenly out, low headlamp brightness, bulb filament often burned and other failures. When the lighting circuit system fails, the fault causes are generally related to the vehicle power supply, line, fuse, steering switch, flash relay and lamp holder, etc., through one by one troubleshooting, the fault is easier to eliminate. It is very important to grasp correctly the new ideas and diagnosis methods of modern motorcycle troubleshooting.


1. The motorcycle headlight is not working well

The motorcycle light is not bright, which is similar to the general electrical maintenance method, the main inspection wire is not bad contact or loose, is not short circuit, or regulator voltage adjustment is too high. A lamp is not bright, may be the bulb, may also be the lamp port (lamp base) problem, check whether the copper on the lamp port socket due to road turbulence bending deformation and poor contact with the bulb tail seat, can be pry out the copper, so that it has good contact with the bulb bottom.

Headlights in the normal running suddenly out, if the check circuit fuse is not burned, generally speaking, the most common cause of failure is the breakdown of the rectifier, magneto coil circuit or short circuit, lighting circuit due to broken line caused by short circuit, lamp holder housing take iron contact is poor. If the headlamp can only light the filament, acceleration is still no change, when unplug magneto lighting coil plug, with wire battery power directly into the lighting circuit, at this time the headlamp brightness returns to normal, start the engine, after acceleration measurement of its output voltage, if found significantly low, is generally magneto lighting coil damage, replace the lighting coil, The headlamp can restore the original lighting brightness.

The motorcycle headlight light is weak or not bright, first find the fuse wire associated with the headlight, and then check it. If the fuse is good but not bright enough, it is necessary to replace the bulb. Locate the rear socket near the dashboard. On most cars, the socket is exposed, but on some cars, you need to remove the control panel to see the socket. Pinch the bulb firmly with your fingers and slowly pull the socket back until it is removed, then remove the insulation. Usually, there is a sign at the top of the shell, which you pinch with your fingers and pull off as if you were opening a can. Now that the bulb is fully exposed, you can see a metal spring that keeps the bulb in good contact with the socket. It is easy to remove the spring and take the bulb out again. After replacing the bulb, simply reverse the process. But never touch the glass element on the new bulb with your hands, because the grease on your hands will boil on the hot glass surface and cause damage to the element.

Motorcycle headlights far, near light is not complete, if the lamp switch in the headlamp gear, only far bright, and near light is not bright or the opposite, this fault is called headlights far, near light is not complete. When diagnosing, the power supply short-circuiting method can be used. First, test the power terminal of the transformer switch with the far light or near light terminal that is not bright. If the light is on, it indicates that the fault occurs in the transformer switch; If the indicator is not on, the fault occurs in the circuit behind the dimmer switch. Then connect the junction post test of the far-light or near-light lamp that is not bright at the junction board. If the light is on, it indicates that the line between the transformer switch and the junction board is open; If the lamp is not on, it indicates that the filament in the bulb is burnt out, and a new bulb should be replaced. The way to check whether the far and near light filament is short circuit is to connect the two ends of a wire respectively with the bulb housing and the negative terminal of the battery, and then touch a set of light filament of the bulb with the positive terminal of the battery. If the two sets of light filament are red, the short circuit between the two light filament inside the bulb should be replaced with a new bulb, otherwise, it will make the magneto overload and reduce the lighting voltage.

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